Chicago Annenberg Challenge Shutdown? An (Obama-Ayers)cover-up in the making?

See Video from Do you Know Enough To Elect Barack Obama?

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American Issues Project Launches Ad
Thursday, 21 August 2008
The American Issues Project today announced the debut of a new television advertising campaign examining the relationship between Sen. Barack Obama and unrepentant 1960’s domestic terrorist, William Ayers. The ad — entitled “Know Enough?” — begins with a simple, yet pointed question: “Beyond the speeches, how much do you really know about Barack Obama?”

Supported by over one hundred pages of back-up documentation and historical accounts, the American Issues Project is using this ad to shed light on Obama’s friendship with Ayers, the former leader of an American terrorist group known as Weather Underground.

Remarkably, Ayers’ group claimed responsibility for the bombings of a New York City Police headquarters, the US Capitol Building, and the Pentagon in the 1970s. Years later, Ayers proudly claims his group “didn’t do enough.”

“Given the real time news cycle we live in today, many important issues and controversies that impact our country simply do not receive the time and examination they deserve,” said Ed Martin, president of the American Issues Project. “We are in this for the long haul and look forward to engaging in a broad range of issues well beyond the campaign. The launch of our immediate advocacy effort is a direct response to Obama’s rejection of public financing, which will allow the liberal 527s and other leftist organizations to dramatically outspend conservatives this election cycle.”

The American Issues Project is a 501(c)4 organization representing a coalition of conservative activists committed to raising important issues that deserve deeper examination given their impact on policy. In accordance with federal law, the American Issues Project only solicits and accepts contributions from individuals and not from any business corporation.


She has 3 other video of Ayers and other links, as well.

Re the Video of Ayers (From Ed Morrissey)”… this 2006 interview with Venezuelan socialist Luis Bonilla-Molina, founder of the Centro Internacional Miranda (CIM). …Ayers speaks about how the Vietnam War forced an escalation of tactics to violence and notes the terrorist Weather Underground as a “great teaching moment” — a telling description for this professor of education

Stanley Kurtz of National Review has had the most interesting experience over at the Annenburg Library in Chicago. It’s the “Case of the Disappearing Documents” as he investigates BHO and his mentor, the unrepentant terrorist, William Ayers. It’s a great read about how he’s been denied access to these documents. Then when you’re done with the article: CALL, WRITE …DEMAND the safety of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records”. Something very fishy is going on…”…the public has an urgent right to know what is in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records.” Let’s connect those dots to Obama and Ayers!

From Kurtz:

I intend to continue my efforts to examine the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records, to take notes, and to order extensive photocopies, to be mailed to me and/or received personally by me, in a timely fashion. I call on the UIC library to take extraordinary steps to secure the documents until such time as this issue is resolved. The public needs clear assurances that none of the CAC records have been, or will be, damaged or removed. I call on UIC library to reveal the name of the donor of the CAC records and/or to specify the person, persons, or body that currently hold authority over these records. I also call on Barack Obama to voice support for the swift release of these records.

Libraries are designed, not to unduly restrict information, but to make it available to an interested public. This country is now mere months away from a momentous presidential election in which a central issue is the political background and character of a relatively young and unknown senator. The Chicago Annenberg Challenge records almost surely contain important information on Senator Obama’s political associations, policy views, ideological leanings, and leadership ability. His role as board chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge is the most important executive experience Obama has held to date. Given this, the public has an urgent right to know what is in the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records.

If you agree, then please write to the president of the University of Illinois system, B. Joseph White. Ask him to take immediate public steps to insure the safety of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge records, to release the identity of the Collection’s donor, and above all to swiftly make the Collection available to me, and to the public at large. You can find an email link for White here. Telephone, fax, and mailing addresses for White’s offices can be found here. ”

To read : Chicago Annenberg Challenge Shutdown? A cover-up in the making?
By Stanley Kurtz

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  1. Read more: Obama played by Chicago rules by David Freddoso

    ‘Mr. Obama has never stood up against Chicago’s corruption problem because his donors and allies are Chicago’s corruption problem.Mr. Obama is not the reformer he now claims to be. The real man is the one they know in Chicago — the one who won his first election by depriving voters of a choice.’

    Mr. Freddoso is the author of the just-published “The Case Against Barack Obama” (Regnery).

    More TRUTH, More Facts added to the Investigation ragarding the Real Barack Hussein Obama.

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