Daily Kos Attacks Freedom Center’s “Stop The Jihad”

Daily Kos and friends …creatures of habit… Stuck on Stupid! “…defending the jihadists, and attacking the defenders of freedom in this country and abroad…” David Horowitz has a report today (no surprises here) but Daily Kos went ballistic (nice) Friday all because of The Freedom Centers’ ‘Stop Jihad Campaign”. (Go Team!) Freedom Center needs our support, America, so let’s make sure we are NOT Silent! Let’s do all we can. Be there on the participating campuses and SUPPORT this campaign!

The Freedom Center’s “Stop the Jihad” Campaign was launched on Friday, August 15, and on Friday August 15 it was attacked by the left on DailyKos. This follows a pattern the Kos left has followed since 9/11 of defending the jihadists, and attacking the defenders of freedom in this country and abroad. It is a pattern familiar from the Cold War, when progressives in America provided a support group for America’s totalitarian enemies from its beginning until its end. (snip)

The title of his (John K. Wilson) attack is “David Horowitz’s Jihad Against Free Speech on Campus.” Let’s call this Lie #1. I have not and will not campaign against anyone’s free speech on campus or anywhere else. Wilson goes on.”Right-winger David Horowitz is calling for the defunding of MSA chapters who promote ethnic hatred and refuse to condemn holy war” unless they agree with his view that Hamas and Hizbollah are evil.” Horowitz also wants funding removed from MSA for sponsoring speakers he disagrees with.”(snip)

I did not say that the Jew-hating, Gay-bashing, misongynistic speakers sponsored by the MSA should not be allowed to speak. Nor does the Stop the Jihad Campaign say that. We have said the University should not support spreaders of ethnic and gender hatred, and should not provide them offices in their Student Unions. Should the Ku Klux Klan have a Student Union Office and get thousands of dollars in student funds to spread their poisons? That’s the logic of Wilson’s position that free speech requires institutional funding.

The fact is that Wilson and the Daily Kos zealots are hypocrites in attacking us because we don’t think the university should be sponsoring hate... In attacking us for speaking out against hatred that comes with a Muslim label, in defending overtly genocidal terror groups like Hizbollah, Wilson and Kos demonstrate their concern is not a principle such as free speech, but a cause which is anti-American, anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-Christian and anti-Jew.

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