“Lightning or an idolatrous altar?” …some word-play

“obama, obama,oh have you met bamala…”
(sung to the tune of oh, Lydia …oh, lydia…for you Groucho fans out there)
Excerpt from Jay Homnick:
Despite its being just five a.m. in Israel, the gallery was packed. The atmosphere was decidedly festive, the air crackling with anticipation. Yet none of this felt familiar or comfortable but was actually quite jarring. This was because of the two huge campaign posters dominating the foreground, with the Hebrew legend printed in what the Yiddish phrase calls “letters for reading by moonlight”: BARACK OBAMA.

Seeing his name spelled out in that language, my mind naturally drifted to the wordplay possibilities. The Hebrew word BARACK means lightning, OH means or and BAMA means a platform, used in the Bible to refer to unauthorized altars, often idolatrous ones. “Lightning or an idolatrous altar?” Now there was a question that encapsulated the Barack Obama phenomenon very nicely.

 To read the whole article:
Obama’s Campaign Hits the Wall By Jay D. Homnick
Published 7/25/2008 12:07:59

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