Why Islam? The Real Question is Why are We Allowing This?

Jihadi Group to Run Ad on Subways in New York

by Steve Emerson Fox News July 21, 2008

E.D.: So the question Jamie’s report raises is should we be concerned? Could a group really recruit a terrorist on our own turf? Joining me is now is counterterrorism analyst Steve Emerson, author of the book American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us. That is one of the greatest books to get a great perspective on summary issues we’re facing. Steve, thanks for being back with me again.

E.D.: Let’s show our audience a couple of things. First, a statement from the Islamic Circle of North America says anyone who looks at the ad objectively can see that it is not preaching anything. There is a lot of Islamaphobia out there. We provide people with a chance to speak with an actual Muslim who is informed. Now, you also talk about this Imam who is involved in it and this is a quote from one of his sermons and it is kind of eye-opening. Let’s put this up. This is from Sirraj Wahhaj’s sermon. He says “in his time, the so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing, and the only thing that will remain will be Islam.” Are they trying to pull the wool over our eyes? Not Muslims in general in America, but these organizations?

EMERSON: Yes, these organizations are offshoots of the Muslim Brotherhood. Its main mission is to spread Islam and make sure it is dominant in the world and convert as many people as possible. Ultimately, some of those people who converted do carry out acts of violence or extremism. There is no doubt about it.

E.D.: Can they really recruit an American hero on our turf, do you think?

EMERSON: They have done that already. The fact is that Sirraj Wahhaj, himself, a convert. He was recruited and then became an appendage to that list of coconspirators. It’s clear that he himself demonstrates that people who get recruited to these groups can be parts of conspiracies. Now, the bottom line here is that the mother group itself is a radical group and the notion that Islamophobia is the only reason they are disseminating this propaganda is really a smoke screen. It is designed to recruit, expand their ranks and spread their Islamist interpretation of Islam, which is quite radical.

E.D.: Steve, always good to you have on with us.

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