A Trip Across Israel in Real Time (Live Leak video)

April 27, 2007

This video documents a drive across the entire width of Israel from the West Bank wall to the Mediterranean Sea. The point is to illustrate how small and intrinsically vulnerable it is.

Update 9-6-14 : This is a wonderful video that was no longer visible because VodPod ‘went under’. Until I find a way to embed it in word press, please use link to go to video


Screen shot 2014-09-06 at 12.05.35 PM

One response to “A Trip Across Israel in Real Time (Live Leak video)

  1. Fantastic video. Thank you for sharing this and giving me the perspective that I lacked.

    On another “note”, could you please tell me the name of the artist and song that you chose in the middle of your real-time trip video ? I love it!!!

    Good health and thanks again.

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