MUST WATCH! – Muslim protest outside Dublin Google HQ (& briefing)

Exercising free speech to silence free speech.

The original video, knowing North American ears often have trouble making out sub-continent accents, a patriot spent some time making this subtitled version below to this startlingly honest footage.

The recent demonstrations in London outside Google’s offices over the Innocence of Muslims trailer, have drawn a lot of international attention, though the protest two weeks’ previously (September 30th) in Ireland is far more illuminating, and under-reported.

The London speakers largely spoke Urdu, but these remarks given outside both the Dublin US Embassy and the local Google offices are in English and are clearly intended to communicate as much menace as possible. (Like many multinationals Google is registered in Europe in Ireland, for tax purposes.) The speaker is the Sufi cleric Moulana Ghulam Ahmed Rabbani one of the key figures behind the growing Muslim Action Forumwho are coordinating these anti-Google/YouTube protests in the British isles.

Does anybody really think these demonstrations would be happening, if the Obama administration hadn’t vocally validated the false flag narrative that the planned embassy attacks were about the video?

Something for Americans to ponder.

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