Mid-Oct. Report : Anti-Jihad ads vs the Jihad Enablers

October 14, 2012.  Hoping Sunday might be easier to check on all of the AFDI ads, I headed for the NYC Subway. WRONG. Weekend Subway construction kept me from getting to 23rd St and 8th Ave. and the F Train was impossible to get to simply because it’s not near ANY of the other locations. But, I did get to two new (for me) locations: 28th St on the #6 and Rector Street on the #1.

And now the updates and observations:

44th St. and 8th Ave,  all was unchanged. No need to duplicate pictures. Then I headed for 23rd St and 8th Ave. But, after a couple of trips back and forth between 14 st and 34th street, while I TRIED to catch a glimpse of the 23rd stations while speeding thru on an express train. Not as easy as I had hope, so….with eyes glazed over, I moved on to the #1.

34th St (#1) used to have an AFDI ad.

The Methodist ad is in the AFDI ad location and which has not been restored. There are now TWO pro-Jihad ads at this station and  NO AFDI ad.

Pro-Jihad ad is in the distance in picture 2

The Sojourner ad and the Methodist ad  promote Jihad in response to WHAT? There is no AFDI Anti-Jihad ad at this station.

Rector Street (#1) Pleased to find an AFDI ad so close to Ground Zero (hanging next to an anti-fracking ad)

The pro-Jihad ads were on both sides of the station. The green Methodist was peaking through the girders

But, the orange Sojourner, which came out after the Methodists, is on the same side as the AFDI

Heading for the the East side ( #6) took me above ground for a glimpse of Ground Zero

28th St (#6) I think the ad that Pamela Geller found has been moved. (guessing based on the tiles around her picture)

Seem as though the MTA crews are “oh so busy” moving these ads around…

And this ‘helpful’ PAINT HERE sign (that is no where else in the station) Perhaps it’s a new form of ‘helpful’ vandalism; encouraging the MTA to ‘paint-over- the AFDI sign.

Shuttle back to Times Sq where the Times Square Corridor was  unchanged so, I took the N/R to 49th St and wrapped up the day’s journey at this location.The missing AFDI anti-Jihad sign had been replaced and was now centered in the station

  BUT, it didn’t last long

And, of course, the PRO-Jihad signs, which are at both ends of the platform,  remain UNTOUCHED.

Those who support Jihad ( the Enablers)  will not win this war against Free Speech. They may win a few battles, but they will NOT win The War as the current anti-Jihad campaign continues with new ones: Pick Your Favorite Quranic Quote and  Support for Victims of Jihad , all preparing to be go live.

Stay Tuned!


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