Marxist Fools Lame Protest Rush Limbaugh-NYC Town Hall (video)


PROTEST! Super-Bigot Rush Limbaugh in NYC

Super-Bigot Rush Limbaugh
 is coming to New York CitySay NO to this racist, sexist, homophobic,
union-busting, anti-immigrant tool of the 1%.
Say YES to Jobs and Unity.

November 29, 2011 was  FLUSH RUSH Night. The Maniacal Marxist Misfits of the International Action Center and Workers World Party gathered in front of NYC’s Town Hall hoping to create mayhem…to RUIN Rush’s LIVE Radio event. Didn’t happen!

Screen shot copy

Screen shot copy

but instead…they were just a tiny blip-in-the-rain.

DSCN9978 copy

A pathetically small (and QUIET) turnout of Leftists vs a packed house for Rush. Totally lacking in ‘mayhem’ unless you wanta “score one” for the harsh wet winds  blowing across 43rd St  :0)

Screen shot copy

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They had the usual tie-in with #OWS.  Chanting, “Occupy Wall Street, NO to Rush” (which I still don’t ‘get’) But the younger #OWS’ers …. were AWOL.  This was an old-timers protest. Looking very TIRED.

Screen shot copy

BTW, just got this marvelous picture from our associate,  D.P. Loving how pretty Zuccotti looks now that the #OWS squatters are GONE. Peaceful.

Meanwhile, back at Town Hall, I heard others chants of “Flush Rush’ (which didn’t sound so ‘clean’, more like the well-known “F-word” thanks to the harsh winds and street noise)

Saw the other regulars, like  T-shirts to ‘Free Cop Killer Mumia”and “Love Buttons” for the Murderous Che (which are clearer in the video)

Screen shot copy

Screen shot copy

Astro-turf signs that belly-ached about WAR-mongering

Screen shot copy

Pleading for JOBS and railing against HATE (and Rush)

Screen shot copy

Insisting that RUSH is a “racist-homophobic-bigot” and… a FASCIST (oh, my) …

Screen shot copy

The IAC Marxists had a smattering of familiar faces, the most familiar being Larry Holmes, IAC National Co-Director and also National Coordinator of the  Bail Out the People Movement

DSCN9981 copy

Hard-core, true-believers  like Holmes, shilling for the anti-America, anti-Democracy, anti-Capitalism totalitarian ‘utopia’

Next up, a short VIDEO of the protest

SEIZE ABC!! Good little Commies all. Close down the Internet. Seize the Banks and now… ABC ? NOTHING will be FREE on their watch.

DSCN9980 copy

As I left, noticed they were posing for their cameras, planning shots so it would appear to be a larger turn-out. This “Hour of Power” dedicated to RUSH LIMBAUGH, the focus of their wrath, was a BUST.

Screen shot copy

But, they need those pictures to tweak the story cause there’s always new crop of students and 20-somethings to seduce.  They have a plan…. They have a dream….

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  1. Great work again!!! the only tools I see are the few demonstrating my friend

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