NY Law School Symposium “Sharia in America” Day 2-Sadiq Reza

Day 2 – Aug 26, 2011- 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

This is Part 1 of 10 audio posts. It was an 8 hour Symposium hosted by  NY Law School Law  School Review on “Sharia in America:Principle and Prospects” to examine the place of Islamic Law in The United States.

As we approach the 10th Anniversary of 9-11, this symposium was primarily a two-day commercial for Islam. Take Heed.

A few minutes late, I picked up the opening remarks of Professor Sadiq Reza, of New York Law School.

From Day 2  Professor Sadiq Reza’s opening remarks:

1. Sharia is God’s Law. A Religious Government Law for a majority of Muslims overseas.

2. Vogel has trolled the Internet looking for the alleged Calls-for-Sharia in U.S. Claims he can’t find anyone doing this.

3. Sharia is no different from other Religious Law (even Sectarian jurisprudence)

4. Exaggerated fears of it coming to U.S. Ludicrous to be concerned. 

5. His purpose is not to apologize nor advocate. Just “telling it like it is”

A slide show of Glossary that Sadiq Reza mentions (and graphs) is in Flickr( with three other slide shows)  where you’re able to enlarge the pictures to any size for better reading.


Scan 1


Scan 1  copy


P1200237 copy


P1200264 copy redo

[interesting how Sharia & Islam was ‘packaged’

NEXT: Part 2 (Day 2) Professor Frank Vogel of Harvard Law School spoke again (briefly) on the History of Islam/Sharia (with slides) Spoke about 19 minutes. Then took two questions before the symposium continued (Part 3) Professor Michael  Broyde (Emory University Law School)  on Jewish Law.

AND please follow link below to a fabulous article on the symposium written by Alyssa Lappen “Sharia Lobby Shifts into Fifth Gear” 

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