David Horowitz on the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Myths and Facts” (Brooklyn College)Video

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN for two videos of “Horowitz and the Q and A” and the rebuttal video “Horowitz mugged by Jewophobes”

On March 10, 2011, David Horowitz spoke at Brooklyn College . He was invited to speak in opposition to the annual Hate-a-Jew Week (aka Israel-Apartheid Week ) and due to the threats from the anarchists on-campus, we had to pass through security before we were permitted to enter the auditorium.

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The title of his presentation was “The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict : Myths and Facts”. The video that follows is the complete 60 minute presentation by Horowitz followed by the Q and A.

This event was nearly aborted by a lack of support from the Jewish organizations and faculty at Brooklyn College but thanks to Yosef Sobol, a brave undergrad at Brooklyn College who invited Horowitz to speak and the only faculty member willing to sponsor him, Mitchell Langbert, all went off as planned.

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Horowitz would present the other side of the story thereby giving the students an opportunity to think for themselves.

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With their eyes wides shut, all that was heard from the local anarchists during the entire 90 minutes was their knee-jerk cries of racist as they muttered in the background.

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The back rows were made up mostly of those who came to challenge Horowitz, not to listen to him.

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They had  hoped to shut down free-speech at Brooklyn College but with the extra security their planned insurgency fell-flat and possibly due to the monsoon rains, their turn-out was surprisingly small.

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And Horowitz filled the auditorium with those who came to listen and learn’ respectfully.

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Other than a few rude outbursts, it all went fairly smoothly. The fellow in the blue -shirt seemed to be one of the leaders of the resistance…

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Their assault on free-speech came-off with a whimper instead of a bang.

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However, there was a predictable melt-down that brought the Q and A to an abrupt end but, in spite of than slight blip in the proceedings, David Horowitz,  Yosef Sobel (the student leader ) and Mitchell Langbert ( the faculty advisor ) succeeded in chipping away at the Palestinian Myths and Lies so worshiped by these Nazis as “Facts”.

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And based on their snippy reactions as they left, these dedicated anarchists remained  committed to their ignorant delusions. Think for themselves? Nope: Not interested.

But when they started posting on this event, these leftists, predictably lied and twisted the facts to fit their reality by releasing a propaganda hit piece on you tube. Filmed by the anarchist in the back row (green plaid) and posted by nn anti-Israel activist named Phillip Weiss.

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Weiss posted a drastically edited version of Horowitz’s speech on YouTube without indicating that it had been altered, and posted it on the web with the title “David Horowitz Spreading Hatred@Brooklyn College.” Weiss edited the original tape so that only Horowitz’s conclusions are presented. The arguments that precede them have been cut. For example, Horowitz is shown referring to Palestinian terrorists as “Nazis” but his explanation for using this term is omitted.

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Conclusion: Every critique of crimes committed by Muslim Jihadists is immediately converted into an attack on all Muslims, as a way of silencing any opposition to Muslim terror.

Here is a detailed rebuttal to their hit-piece revealing their omissions and alterations to the original speech:

Link to a few more pictures HERE

8 responses to “David Horowitz on the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Myths and Facts” (Brooklyn College)Video

  1. Great summary and photographs of the event! David really should have used one of those stills for his article on FrontpageMag. It’s too bad that the glitches occurred.

    I’ve posted a link to the new post at American rattlesnake though.

  2. Phillip Weiss is the archetypal self-loathing, American Jewish leftist. I actually think he was a pretty talented journalist at one point in his career-just look at his stellar coverage of Bill Clinton-but the guy is a neurotic fruitcake. If you don’t believe me, check out his New York piece on monogamy from a few years ago.

    He can’t let go of his fixation with Israel-as opposed to the 20+ Arab-Muslim nations-along with the IRI-that want to obliterate the Jewish State. I would have actually responded to some of the idiotic comments in reply the thread on MondoWeiss, but unfortunately, you have to register with them in order to do that.

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