Anarchists Hijack Fight for Freedom in Times Square….

….And nobody seemed to notice…..especially the media.

Freedom had been hijacked..

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It’s 3: 30 PM in Times Square. Friday afternoon.February 4, 2011,  It’s cold. Very cold, but that’s not going to stop these opportunists from setting up a protest




If we are known by the company we keep then the Egyptian revolution has some seriously flawed and highly suspicious characters on their team. Idiots. Naive. Or complicit. Probably both.

Marxists, Socialists, Communists,  Al-Adwa and  MAS, they all came out to demand freedom for Egypt (so they said).

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And what seemed to be every Egyptian living in Manhattan filling  the blocks from 42nd to 40th street. But also saw signs from Syrians and Jordanians.



You had to  wonder about the sign Christian Cross next to the Crescent:


Were these people honest Seekers of Freedom? Of  democracy in the Middle East? Or perhaps innocents unaware…

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The chants were all about the evils of  Mubarak, the United States (and Israel),

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With  no mention of the Muslim Brotherhood  on any signs that I saw. EXCEPT  ONE  “No Muslim Brotherhood” sign in the hands of a woman. That was it.


And these complaints against Obama:


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There was this one quiet  individual from Rev Moon...all by himself at 40th and 7th….Said he wanted to remind people to be nice to each other cause we’re all one family. ….


Joining Al-Adwa  in Times Square were the familiar anti-American Code Pinkos, Grannies for Peace, Workers Party, ANSWER, International Action Center Tools and their leaders. ( look at the ‘love’ in those eyes)

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As always there Marxist, ANSWER founder :Larry Holmes, Marxist Bill Doares (of the Workers Party) and the infamous NYC City Council member  and  former Black Panther- Free Mumia -Racist: Charles Barron . Barron in particular was chatting up the press  in the name of “people-power”.

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Of course, the press was all-over this event. Saw the Fox News truck but have yet to catch any reports on WHO hosted this protest. Even from Fox. No mention of the  Ramsey Clark anarchists (International Action Center) and Al-Adwa (etc)….Just a lede about  Egyptians yearning for democracy.

But, trying to cover the event was made particularly difficult by the police.  Particularly for me. much for democracy. I’m too well known as a patriot (and in their words…as a Zionist, Fascist pig).

My  freedom of assembly and speech is something they just can’t tolerate; some of them seethe with anger when we make eye-contact.. It would be really funny if the police weren’t in their pocket. But, they are.

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There was way too much, “You can’t stand here, you can’t take pictures, KEEP IT MOVING” etc. “You can’t block the sidewalk.” But, I wasn’t blocking the sidewalk. I was standing along side other media, some with their tripods set-up. But, I was told  that without a press ID, I couldn’t take pictures on a public sidewalk; that I had to MOVE. That somehow I was blocking the sidewalk.

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I said, ” I’d keep moving and take  my pictures.” Not Good-enough. Singled out again (it’s a familiar harassment) So, I refused to move. I’m not going to accept this harassment quietly. It may seen odd to some that I argue with the police, but they’re out-of line. And their behavior seems to indicate they know they are over-reaching. when one of  the cops set an ‘protest ‘ legal beagle to ‘explain’ why I needed to move. she tried to tell me it was necessary to keep the peace…my moving. That made NO sense since I wasn’t a protestor.

(my ‘legal’ aide is on the right)


I caught some video of the cops herding me down the street and the ‘legal beagle’ trying to con me with why I couldn’t be on a public sidewalk taking pictures. At least she didn’t body-slam me like the last green hat did. And I didn’t have to deal with Lamis Deek of Al- Adwa screaming at me like I was a pod-person.  This was ALL a  bunch of BS and none of us should ever have to ‘make nice’ and allow these anarchist to infringe on our FREEDOMS.

Freedom was high-jacked in more ways than one on this Friday afternoon and it will continue to metastasize if we don’t fight back. Thankfully we are. Which is why the game is getting dirtier.

Seems as long as the media eats up this propaganda, the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Al-Adwa; the  IAC , MAS, and the Workers Party… this cadre of anarchists is not only going to remain unchallenged, it’s going to bury us.


Our police are already indoctrinated. Our media. Our schools. Our teachers.


Building bridges of “sensitivity” as they suck the free-world down the rabbit hole to hell.


Mocking our freedoms:

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As sickening as the Bloomberg-Quinn Fascist New York City Council meeting the day before. They can vote to make smoking in Times Square illegal (and at beaches and in parks) ; vote to STOP a Wal-mart (that the public wants)

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Yet they will allow a Ground Zero Mosque that the people DON’T want.

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And seeing  Charles “Nehru Jacket” Barron in action( two days in a row)

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As New York goes, so goes the rest of the country (if the anarchists keep pressing on)


God Save us all from the enemy  inside the gates….

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  4. Great work Pamela! We are definitely fighting a War to preserve our Judeo-Christian culture in the US.

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