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Frenzied Feminazis Froth in Foley Square (Feb 2011)

February 19, 2011. Foley Square. NYC.

The signs pretty much say it all, and it’s not pretty….Rude, Crude and totally lacking in Class…

DSCN8423 copy2

DSCN8445 copy


There is so much more in the video that follows:

Feminazis claim they are fighting for a woman’s Right to Choose. But, doesn’t choice mean you’ve heard more than one-side; that a decision was made based on possibly opposing points of view?

DSCN8428 copy

That is exactly what they won’t permit. The shrieking Feminazis say there ‘s only one way to Choose, their way or no way. Just have the abortion and get on with your life. That is a devastating ‘decision’ that some women learn to regret because they never made a choice. Victims, of the Planned Parent Abortion Mill.

DSCN8483 copy

DSCN8461 copy

Sadly, there were a couple of thousand young women and young men (mostly white and well educated) who gathered together orgasmically to praise Planned Parenthood and to demand that the unwilling taxpayers continue to bankroll their industry, Murder Inc.

DSCN8495 copy

And of course …there were all of those thoughtful and creative signs:

DSCN8466 copy

DSCN8474 copy

BTW: at about 2:33 caught a joyful counter-protest passing by, carrying a banner of the Holy Mother, and the rabid ‘Choicer’s worked hard, of course, to cover it up. After all, some women might reconsider…if they really had a CHOICE

DSCN8487 copy

DSCN8486 copy

And of course there were the stoic labor tools…

DSCN8384 copy

DSCN8387 copy

DSCN8436 copy

and the  blissful Marxist/socialists (who set up their reading tables on the north end of Foley Square.)

DSCN8478 copy

DSCN8479 copy

Labor, progressives, socialists, Marxists and ‘ Planned’  Parenthood (like peas in a poisoned pod) hoping to keep the nightmare ‘alive’ through forced taxation….

These kids…managed to get a bit of everything in one sign:

DSCN8504 copy

And even added a song sheet:

And of course, there is more to come. ‘Grow” our movements? Just don’t grow any “babies”… aka…the fetus. One speaker reminded the eager young crowd, SOME only care about the fetus, we CARE about the woman….

Our wish at TSM, “Mothers, Please,  don’t let your daughters grow up to be Femanazis. ”

And don’t eat meat or wear fur, whatever you do. Only kill your babies…after all…they are a punishment…right?

DSCN8442 copy

And the list of their Sponsoring Organizations of INDOCTRINATION and Propaganda: Choice Matters, Community Health Care Networks, Concerned Clergy for Choice, Diaspora Community Services, Family Planning Advocates of New York State, Feminist Majority Foundation, Judson Memorial Church, League of Women Voters-Nassau County, Inwood House, Long Island Women’s Association, NARAL Pro-Choice NY, National Advocates for Pregnant Women, National Council of Jewish Women New York Section, New York Civil Liberties Union, NOW-New York City, NOW-New York State, Planned Parenthood Affiliates New Jersey, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Mid- Hudson Valley, Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, Planned Parenthood of New York City, Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health, Public Health Association of New York City, Public Health Solutions, Raising Women’s Voices, Religious Institute, Reproductive Health Access Project, SisterSong NY, Trust Black Women, Trust Women, United Neighborhood Houses, Violence Intervention Inc., Women’s Media Center, Working Families Party, YWCA of Brooklyn

And slide-show of all the stills:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Union Solidarity Outside Fox News-Hey Hey Ho Hum (vids and pics)

(Please scroll down for video)

February 22, 2011

A Union Statement email said that Union members would be gathering outside Fox News Headquarters in NYC  at 5 :00 PM “…. in support of the right for the Public Sector Workers in Wisconsin to collectively bargain and to be represented by a Union in that bargaining. These are basic rights (?) for all workers and should be maintained. Wisconsin has long been a bastion for workers’ rights and was the birthplace of the national union representing all non-federal public employees. We urge you to show your support for the Wisconsin public workers today…”

Which is exactly what these Cheese-heads did:

DSCN8243 copy

DSCN8244 copy

The Head Cheer-Leader started off with, ” One of the reasons we’re here is this document, the US Constitution, Promoting the General Welfare. the Principal on which this country was formed. Scott walker doesn’t understand that No greater force for Economic Justice than the labor Movement. The people on Wall Street cause this…to the economy… not the average worker”. “The RICH created this crisis; Walker, the powerful, Wall-Street; we will not let them drag the people down. The Labor movement is trying to LIFT the people UP”

Yes, their signs were about more than just plan ol’ “Collective’ Bargain”. They were attacking Tea Parties, Republicans, the (selective) “rich” and FOX News; this was more than just showing SOLIDARITY for ‘the workers’.

DSCN8236 copy

This is Socialism vs Democracy. (Glenn Beck did a marvelous reveal on who this  mass of  workers . Who they were and WHAT they represented)

Hung around for about 20 minutes. Listening. It’s all very familiar, the slogans and jeers of those ‘happy’ workers from inside their “pens”.

DSCN8240 copy

Does the average unionized American know who  these Community Organizers are? Who solicit their involvement in a protest? They get an email from their union telling them to show up at a protest,  to chant the chants that are feed them by their bouncing cheese-heads and then: Go home,  job well-done.

DSCN8213 copy

Programmed with a renewed ‘hatred’ for ‘the rich’, Republicans, “Tea Partiers”, Fox News and (of course) George W. Bush. He still pops-up in their speeches as the Root-of-All-Evil (along with these gems)

The Labor Movement will LIFT the People Up. They honor…salute…the people of Tunisia, Egypt,Bahrain and Yemen who have LEAD the way. Claiming ‘rights’ that aren’t in the Constitution. Talking of the “General Welfare that the Labor Movement is the shining force behind the Labor Movement”. They claim there is ‘no greater force”.

Reading a list of other protests besides this one in New York, one speaker mentioned West Virginia, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, California and of course: Wisconsin.

He claimed, This is bigger than any Tea Party, insisting ‘they’ only had 2,000 while ‘we’  had a crowd of 70,000. ” He figures that to be “45 to 1”.

You’d think with those inflated numbers, they wouldn’t be so WORRIED but, clearly “they” ARE. (says VSB with smile-on-face)

And Cheer-Leader Number One (who was dressed in union-leader work-shirt “uniform”) suggested that ‘the workers’  tell anyone who asked, ” this crowd was anywhere from 500 to 20,000.” (guess that should cover any and all inflated crowd estimates)

More pithy quotes that flew out of  the mouths of these union-speakers, ‘We don’t have a network (huh?) We have no billionaires (double-huh ??)  the Koch brothers ?? We have ONLY the people and (they claim) Fox News will Lie about this.

DSCN8246 copy

And the ‘workers’ BELIEVING their cheer-leader’s lies, obediently chant: “Liars, Liars, Liars” ad nauseum about …. Fox News.

Speaker Number Two continued with, “We have to CREATE jobs now. We can’t wait (making good use of the Bush Deranged Syndrome meme) we can’t wait for for ‘trickle -down’

DSCN8223 copy 2

Speaker Number Three was from the Writers Guild (along with another entertainment union, Actors Equity)  This never makes sense, since the ‘workers’ in the entertainment GUILDS  have NO work if ‘the rich’ are busted. No money?  They can’t employ them. Still, like good little sheep, they were there in ‘solidarity.

DSCN8222 copy

The Writers Guild President spoke very briefly. He chose to emphasize that this was a movement (in Wisconsin) to break the greatest force in PROGRESSIVE politics. “

DSCN8225 copy

Video of three speakers….and The Crowd….

Off camera, one union-stooge bounced up and down yelling, “We’re not cows. We’re not sheep/ MOOOO. We don’t belong in pens” (the police enclosures). Yet, this obedient unionized ‘live stock’ chanting away, sure made those pens look like home, MOOOO.

DSCN8234 copy

We were also reated to ONE New York State lawmaker (supposedly because this protest was called on short-notice) David Weprin. A VERY Union-Friendly kind-a-guy.

Just what the unions ordered when it comes to their bogus claims that THEY are the only ones (the unions) who can represent the People and there-by, the Constitution of The United States.

DSCN8253 copy

DSCN8233 copy

But, as Oleg Atbashian (of The Peoples Cube) has reminded us in his prescient book, “Shakedown Socialism” that  Socialism may have failed in the USSR but Now it’s moved to the USA (as the ubiquitous signs outside Fox news make very obvious.)

The Time is Now to Stand up to Union Thuggery; to say NO MORE to the threats. NO MORE to the armed robbery of The People by Public Sector Union Thugs. They are stealing FROM the PEOPLE. (who else pays their bills?) and the benefactors are the union-bigs, the fat-cats and the union politicians. NOT the People.

DSCN8252 copy

“Lies, Lies, and more lies” were heard outside Fox News. Lies from the mouths of Union thugs and their sheeple. As Atbashian reminds us, “after the ‘unions, pitchforks and the collective greed of union socialism … its redistributive justice’ that will have bankrupt the 50 States. Then there really will be NO MORE.” We The People will be : Busted.

DSCN8245 copy

The Consitutional Republic of the United States will be so deeply in debt, that the poverty and bleekness of ‘1984’ will become our “Brave New World’ unless we elect more governors willing to say NO MORE to the raping  and pillaging of the People by Shakedown Socialism

At times we may feel like those “…inexperienced colonial forces . But, they were willing and able to stand up to regular army troops in a pitched battle.Though the battle was technically a defeat for the American colonists, Bunker Hill forced some tough conclusions on the British.”

“It was suddenly clear to the proud British command that the American revolution was going to be a long, hard fight. The colonial militias learned tough lessons tooif they were going to prevail in their fight for freedom, they would need far better organization, training and supplies.”

Let’s do it! Fight On. We can see the whites of their eyes and it is looking good    :0)

Exhibits and others at CPAC 2011 ( WHO, WHAT and maybe some WHY)

Always look forward to the Exhibition Hall. Says lots about who is at CPAC 2011. ( For video please scroll down)DSCN7982 copyThere was a lot of chatter about the return of the Muslim For America Booth.DSCN7999 copy 

DSCN7894 copy

They skipped 2010, but came back ON the Board this year.  (link to their Booth in 2009 is here>> and even more here>>

There was this wonderful display:

DSCN7827 copy2

DSCN7830 copy

But, there were also “The Paulites”, helping to influence the anti-Israel sentiments. This bearded fellow had a Ron Paul button and made it clear he was not a fan of Israel


AND the Go Proud contingent (see video of them being BOOED from 2010 here>>)
But they were back and they too now sit on the Board and with the Muslims…


Interestingly, I came upon this cartoon…

DSCN7861 copy

and this booth on another aisle


There was a Sarah Palin look alike (my bet is a few of those kids thought it was Sarah)


and Jimmy (the rent is too damn high)McMillan was there….with a SHOE in gloved hand…definitely enjoying all of the attention.

DSCN7916 copy

Attended a session on Important of Faith and Religious Liberty (headed up my Suhail Khan…of all people). It was a TEDIOUS event. Marshall Breger lead off and he was BORING. Followed by Jennifer Bryson.

DSCN7907 copy

None of them really speaking to the topic…skating around it with false narratives about Catholics and Christians and all the usual straw dogs,if they ever got to Islam, the crowd had to be asleep. I left for the World Premiere of “The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks”

CPAC 2011, other than the fabulous World Premiere of The Ground Zero Mosque Film  (by Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer) wasn’t as interesting as it had been in previous years. This year’s Premiere  and the 9/11 panel was riveting. Go Here for Day One and Day Two .>>.

Otherwise, didn’t see much to write home about…except…the Exhibit Hall. I always enjoy the booths. Video that follows has much more….

and slide show of a few more pictures

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SIOA & AFDI New York Premiere Ground Zero Mosque Film [video]

Update: There was some interest in putting the screening all into one video. That is now posted:

Or scroll down to watch the speakers individually.

**       **       **        **       **

On February 20, 2011 (Muhammad’s birthday), approximately 200 people came to Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s New York Premiere of their seminal, groundbreaking documentary.

This powerful film exposed the shameful media biases regarding the proposed Ground Zero Mosque; Imam Rauf and wife Daisy Kahn can do no wrong in their eyes.  But, now the truth is out in this amazing documentary.

DSCN8096 copy

Also on hand were 911 Family members, who revealed the even more outrageous treatment they have suffered under Mayor Bloomberg and his commissions.

DSCN8183 copy

They have pleaded to deaf ears that this mosque not be built on the graves of their loved ones. They do NOT want a Ripley’s believe it or not memorial SEVEN floors underground.

DSCN8107 copy

The house was packed. Many stood. It was a deeply moving presentation and the audience was riveted, and after the screening,  after the Q and A


DSCN8165 copy

DSCN8159 copy

DSCN8171 copy

They left even more committed to stopping this outrage.

DSCN8136 copy

DSCN8153 copy

Part 1  Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. Opening remarks before the screening.

Part 2 After the screening, Pamela Geller introduced the 9/11 family members who were present. Nelly Braginskaya, whose son Alex was murdered that day, spoke first. As always, she speaks with simple honesty about Daisy Khan, Imam Rauf, Obama, Mayor Bloomberg and the loss of her only son.

Part 3 Rosaleen Tallon spoke of her brother Shawn, who was murdered that day. She also introduced their mother, an Irish immigrant who is proud to be an American, passing that same joy and pride on to her children.

Part 4  Rosaleen Tallon, Sally Regenhard, Rosemary Cain and Rosa Leonetti. 9/11 Family members. All spoke and took questions from the audience. Powerful testimony from them all.

Part 5  Rosaleen Tallon, Sally Regenhard, Rosemary Cain and Rosa P. Leonetti, respond to more questions from the audience : Ted Hayes from Los Angeles, a woman from Bucks County Pennsylvania and a woman who is an ex-Muslim. And thn Pamela Geller gave a rousing wrap-up to the discussion.

DSCN8199 copy

DSCN8201 copy

Fakestinian Protest as Israel Philharmonic Plays Carnegie Hall

DSCN8360 copy

What follows is from their Fakestinian flyer, announcing a protest of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra’s NYC performance from 5:30 – 7:15 pm outside Carnegie Hall  in Manhattan:

DSCN8332 copy2

“The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s (IPO) performance is part of its annual national tour, which will be protested in other cities as well. The protests respond to the call from Palestinian civil society to boycott institutions that …. oppress Palestinians in Israel, the territories, and in exile.

The orchestra actively participates in whitewashing Israel’s apartheid policies. By serving as cultural ambassadors for Israel, the Israel Philharmonic is supporting the Israeli government’s “Brand Israel” initiative, an effort to divert public attention from Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian people…The goodwill created by these tours…is of enormous value to the State of Israel.

People throughout the Middle East are mobilizing to challenge repressive governments. The people will not tolerate dictatorships or occupations. Join us in the street for a peaceful, meaningful, timely protest against the art-washing of apartheid.”

TSM: Of course, we saw all the same old Leftist/Commie/Progressive… Fakestinians that show up at all their anti-America /anti-Israel protests.

DSCN8332 copy

But looking at the list of supposed supporters co-sponsors:

Adalah-NY, Artists Against  Apartheid – NYC, Al Awda-NY, Hunter Collage SJP, Jews Say No!, Middle  East Crisis Response, Palestinian Club of Brooklyn College, NYU – SJP,  War Resisters League New York Local, WESPAC, Women in Black-Union  Square, Women of a Certain Age……

DSCN8320 copy

Perhaps their smallish turnout was because the cold was a bit too much for these reptilian Jew-Haters.

Or because they were protesting Wisconsin (outside Fox) and Bahrain outside their mission….all at the same time ….they wound up spreading their cold-weather storm-troops a bit thin.

Passers-by were more perplexed rather than offended and in good NY fashion….not interested in taking their hateful propaganda flyers.

DSCN8369 copy

DSCN8326 copy

Other than singing a few LOUD hootnanny folk songs, they weren’t making much of an impression.

Not a raging success. Just a blip on the map of Lefty propaganda hate-fest. with the usual anti-Semitism and lies  …

DSCN8314 copy

And from  what I saw, the press had no interest in their repetitive speeches and 1930’s folk songs. For once the press got something right.

DSCN8316 copy

A lovely sight to see was this valiant turnout standing tall in support of Israel

DSCN8324 copy

DSCN8329 copy

DSCN8330 copy

Am Yisrael Chai!

DSCN8336 copy

The Videos 9/11 Panel at “The Ground Zero Mosque Film” at CPAC Premiere

UPDATE : Videos are now posted from Screening on Day Two (Feb 12, 2011)of the World premiere. Please scroll down.

TSM was on hand for this two day event that was presented AT not by CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference) 2011 .

It was the World Premiere of the seminal ground breaking documentary:”The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks”.


Produced by Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)  and Robert Spencer ( Jihad Watch)  this was the World Premiere of a powerful documentary. Day One was a riveting panel. Day Two was the the screening.

On Day One, we heard painful testimonies from families whose loved ones were  murdered that day by Muslim terrorists.We also heard from NYC Councilman, Dan Halloran (the only member of the City Council willing to speak out against the Ground Zero mosque) Also,we heard from  recent candidate for office in South Carolina, Ilario Pantano. He spoke briefly  from the audience.

On Friday, February 11, 2011, Day One, the room was packed. This was an event that CPAC did not support and did not have on its printed schedule. So, AFDI (American Freedom Defense Initiative) and SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) arranged the room at the Marriott in Washington, DC .

They promoted it themselves (not CPAC) and the room was PACKED. And on Day Two, for the screening, the room was PACKED. Those who attended CPAC knew what an important event this was.

CPAC did mange to list the documentary on the poster for the screening room.

TAKE NOTE: Geller and Spencer have done events at CPAC  three times now; offering up important panels with speakers and topics that CPAC should embrace, and CPAC instead  ignores. See links  for the previous events: (2010 AFDI  Panel is here>> and 2009 Geert Wilders at CPAC s here>>)

The Day  One  Panel 2011: (from left to right) Councilman Dan Halloran, Rosa P. Leonetti, Sally Regenhard, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer (speaking), Nelly Braginskaya, Joyce Boland, Rosaleen Tallon and Ilene Walsh. (Photo by  Migom)

(for more coverage and pictures at Atlas Shrugs, go here)

There are eleven videos from Day One. All are powerful ( including the Q and A) but if you have time for only one, then choose this recap of  Sally Regenhard and you will see:

  • Why this film HAD to be made
  • Why the building of the mosque is a disgrace
  • Why we must no longer be silent.

The first video  from Day One is Robert Spencer’s opening remarks

Pamela Geller introduces the panel and followed by an emotionally powerful trailer of the documentary

Rosaleen Tallon’s  brother, Shawn (a firefighter), was murdered on 9/11. She read the coroner’s report that her mother had received for the first time in public.

Sally Regenhard’s only son, Christian (a firefighter) was murdered on 9/11
Joyce Boland, whose husband Vince was in the audience, spoke of  their son ,Vincent, who was murdered on 9/11.

Ilene Walsh  whose son Michael Brennan (a firefighter) was murdered on 9/11. She too mentioned the devastation have finding so little (if any) remains of their murdered loved ones . His sister Patricia Walsh was in the audience.

NYC Councilman Daniel Halloran, the only one out of 49 council members to stand up for America and the 911 families.

Nelly Braginskaya spoke about the proposed mosque at Park51 (Ground Zero), Daisy Kahn , and her only son, Alex, who was murdered on 9/11. Her accented English may be difficult at times, but even so, Nelly delivers an endearing, very touching and feisty speech

Rosa P. Leonetti whose  brother-in-law , Joseph ( a firefighter) was murdered on 9/11.

Next is the Q and A with 9/11 Families and Geller and Spencer:

There were questions about Sharia law, the Islamist infiltration of CPAC and the proposed mosque at Park51 (Ground Zero).

At approximately 7:49 you will hear the remarks that Pamela Geller made regarding the infiltration of CPAC that was picked-up by Glenn Beck.

We had younger members in attendance at CPAC who  have never seen the truth about who attacked us that day. Of what really happened to those who were murdered that  day.

DAY TWO:February 12, 2011. Before the screening: Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller’s opening remarks

After the screening 9/11 Family Members, Rosa P. Leonetti and Nelly Braginskaya spoke of their murdered loved ones , reminding us of WHY this film HAD to be made.

This is a film that must be seen. We must never forget.

If you are in the New York area you can see it NOW. The New York City Premiere of the Ground Zero Mosque documentary film is to be shown on Muhammad’s birthday, February 20th, 2011. At 7:30 PM


St. Lukes Theatre, 308 W 46th Street, New York City

**You must RSVP**


There is just a bit more : pictures with  a report on CPAC  to follow, so please check back.

Union Goons, Marxists & Fascists Lock-Down NYC City Council

Wal-Mart vs the Ground Zero Mosque? No surprises with these Fascists in charge.

February 3, 2011. The New York City Council (at 1 PM) finally held it’s public committee hearing on whether  to allow a Wal-Mart to build in New York City.

There are K-Marts …. but “NO Wal-Marts Allowed”.

DSCN7344 copy

DSCN7357 copy

The Council canceled this meeting three times due to Acts of God, we wondered would they ever meet. But the meeting was ON with a pre-ordained decision of “No to Wal-mart”.

This was not to be  a fair and balanced hearing.

DSCN7340 copy

Arrived at approximately 12:15 and the LONG block from Broadway to the Municipal Building was already jammed with union members; yelling and walking slowly. They took up the whole sidewalk in front and around the building on to the side street.

(Please scroll down for video)

DSCN7338 copy

They’re not supposed to block a sidewalk but the police just stood back and watched. So I shoved my way through, which  didn’t go over very well. I got quite a few heavy-handed “taps” on the shoulder all the way up the block. But, there was no way I intended to walk along with them, making their crowd look even larger by one person. No Way.

DSCN7372 copy

Once in front of the entrance, it was obvious that some are “more equal than others”. Saw the guards let in many who were clearly NOT press.  Union ‘chums’, for sure.

DSCN7361 copy

Waiting to  enter, the UNION crowd chanted on, often  in Spanish. So, I managed to slip in a brief, “Say that in English”  and they choked, went SILENT (ever so briefly) when they heard that SHOCKING challenge. And then, they chanted on… in Spanish.

Not sure what some of these people were going to get out of this meeting since there was no translator. Although the guard inside did make his announcement in English and Spanish about “no clapping, no shouting, no cheering, no hooting and NO SIGNS.”

Bodies in the seats. That’s all they were.

And yes, somehow the seats were already miraculously filled, even though there were still LOTS of people waiting to get in.

DSCN7387 copy

DSCN7396 copy

The New York  City Council Fascists, those ‘fair-minded people-pleasers”, Alinskied the meeting. If you were NOT bussed in by a union then you were

  • A- Lucky you if got IN at all
  • B- You can BET you will never get to speak.

DSCN7374 copy

Many came to speak to the City Council in favor of free-enterprise and were shut out, physically and figuratively. Such was the case with Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. If you came to support the FREEDOM to CHOOSE,  to expose the hypocrisy of this City Council, you were NEVER going to get the chance to speak.

DSCN7403 copy

At the entrance, I also noticed this pile of signs (where we were scanned.)

DSCN7511 copy

Supposedly no signs were permitted inside. But I observed a row of ‘paids’ sitting with their small 8 by 10’s they had sneaked in,and the guards ignored them.

DSCN7407 copy

Guess these protestors got BORED because their whole row emptied out early (maybe they didn’t speak English. )


The meeting started late but many of the City Council members dragged in even later and once in their seats, they were often way too BUSY reading their phones.

DSCN7469 copy

DSCN7422 copy

Guess it was torture for them to look up and make like they were interested.


It was torture for all of us, this pretense of a Public Meeting.  Two and a half hours of tedium which began with Speaker Quinn. Like a spoiled child, she spent way too much time reprimanding Wal-Mart for not showing up. She was definitely offended (which was fun to watch)

Actually, it was a smart move, on  Wal-Mart’s part. They now have a deal with union crews to build and are challenging this City Council’s continued attempt to shut them out of the 5 boroughs.


We also heard from racist, He-just-wants-to-slap-a-white-person-in-the-face, Black Panther: Charles Barron. He did his usual smug presentation. Held up a booklet that he said described his East New York business community. Claims they don’t need jobs, at least not Wal-Mart jobs. Said with a even more smug mafioso-like flare, that  despite Wal-Mart’s claims, they will NEVER build in East New York.

(Is that a threat, Mr. Barron?)

DSCN7445 copy

Another Council member, Melissa Mark Viverito, who was quite late, gave a speech that started out  calmly enough but then she jammed in a bunch of ad hominem attacks against WalMart; her  favorite being “UNION BUSTING-Job-Killing” store that she says is not welcomed in New York City.

DSCN7476 copy

The Council presented two VERY long-winded academics (via tele-feeds) who took many questions from the Council.

DSCN7491 copy

Pretend you’ll take questions from the public, bore everyone with long-winded speeches til people have to leave or just plain give-up. (works every time)

Even Speaker QUINN seemed bored.

DSCN7488 copy

The only live people I saw testify (at about 3 PM) were shilling for the Unions anyway, so I guess all could leave feeling quite good about having shut out any supporters of Wal-Mart. And leave they did.

DSCN7490 copy

Speaker Quinn, along with many others on the Council,  started disappearing.

WHERE in the f-ing world do these people have to be? Elected officials, Quinn, Barron, Jackson…far too many of them… slowly peeled out, til there was but a skeletal crew. Guess they must have drawn the short-straw.

DSCN7494 copy

I threw in the towel at about 3:30. Nothing good was going to happen. After all, this is the City Council that just passed a ridiculous law that says “No smoking in Times Square”. We already have “No salt in your food” and now they are determined to hold on to  “No Wal-Mart in NYC”.

BUT, they eagerly (with very little vetting) said “YES to a Ground Zero Mosque” and “Yes to Sharia Law.”

Outside, I found a few citizens who were still protesting across the street, revealing to anyone who’s interested that the Union- Financed Marxist-Fascist City Council has no interest in what the public wants.


DSCN7519 copy

It’s up to free-citizens to demand an HONEST hearing. We’ve yet to get one.

A short video

Slide-show of a few more pictures

Vodpod videos no longer available.