SNOW and the City—NYC—- December 2010 (video)

Seemed like the Blizzard of 2010 was going to pass us by. Thought maybe it was a false-alarm. But, once it started and after hours of a steady snow-fall we were now looking at a LOT of snow. (we even had some thunder-snow )

11:30 PM I hit the the streets which were now filled snow. It was fun. Beautiful. The sidewalks, the streets were mostly untouched . Since the snow was still coming down hard, maybe it pays to wait the shovel and plow but, try to explain that to the cars stuck in that snow. (of course…snow tires might have helped)

Found 3 cars stuck at 45th st and 9th Avenue. 9th ave was quiet but basically clear enough for cars to move but, not the side streets and that’s where these 3 cars got hung-up…trying to go west on 45th. Their knight in shining armor…. was a mighty sidewalk snow-blower….working like Little Toot to get those cars moving. That too was fun…to watch….

Then came the city snow plows. And they had no mercy for the cars stuck or parked at the curb. I love the waltz of the snow plows (they seem to work in groups of 4) but the snow plows were NOT coming to the rescue of the cars stuck in the snow. In fact, they were making things worse as the snow was piled at the side of the avenue….

9th avenue was cleared but the cars were on their own and by morning the streets were even more amazing. They were filled with snow and cars seriously buried. This was a deep snow.

But, where were the snow plows?  Part 2 video is posted

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  1. I remember the snowy winters back east. I don’t miss them one bit. I live in the lowlands of Central California now. In spite of the fact the state’s an economic wreck, I’m still glad I stayed.

  2. I do understand. The wet and cold can be a bit much. And I thought I didn’t miss winter and snow for many years. Now that I’m back East…I must admit…I am LOVING the snow. Hope you have a Happy 2011.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Can’t wait to see tomorrows posting!

  4. love the pics Pam.. the snow is so beautiful… as far as the plows.. a friend in the union said that 400 men called in sick to give Bloomberg a message when he laid many of them off…let us know what you find…

    great Pics!!!!

    • Amazing information. Thanks.This would explain the very odd-behavior of the snow-plows. Bloomberg deserves the aggravation, but too bad the city is taking the punishment.
      I’m getting more pictures ready to post now. Hope to get it posted by morning…

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  6. Love the new Pics… you are doing an amazing job!!!!! I hope the sun and warmth comes fast.. cause ppl are suffering due to the union mobsters.. who continue to say they had no part in this .. yea right.. and Bloomberg is scared of them, and is a game player himself…… Gulani would have went ballistic,,, that said.. every side street I have been on has not been plowed, and has a stuck car or truck somewhere…
    I was on Long Island, Nassau….. cleaned up to perfection right after the snow…!!!….this was a planned action and ppl died due to union greed.

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