Election Day “NYC-Style” 11-02-10

Had some fun Election Day catching the union tools electioneering within in 100 feet  of the polls in mid-town Manhattan.

November 2, 2010. New York City )….Election Day…. And it’s politics as usual.

NYC unions and Workers Party ” tools” came out to play…

Kept finding them ignoring the ‘not with-in’ 100 feet law.


Notified the police  at three polling places.They played-dumb and then ‘moved-on’ when the police showed-up…


Just to resurface close-by (of course)….


Found lots of their election pamphlets in the trash. Sometimes piles of them.

Guess some of those ‘workers’ didn’t feel like doing their ‘job’

Meanwhile, ain’t life grand as Republicans take control of the the House of Representatives!!



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  1. Letting you know that out here in the Governator State of California there are similar tactics. In a small town that was once the western headquarters of the American Bund (Nazi) Society were all kinds of “progressives” led by a former Mayor of the Town, David Glass (a failed radio talk show host who saw nothing wrong with Carter supporting the terrorist group Hamas and also a fan of Galloway the defunct British MP who stated to kill a Jew isn’t so bad at all) and his sidekick (the current Mayor of the town) who was running for supervisor. A whole packet was left at my doorstep to give out to people in my area to not vote for anyone who wants to kick out Obama and company (Lynn Woolsey, Boxer, etc.). Did I send the packet back? No. I use the paper to clean up after the dogs if they have problems with their digestive system or have the runs.

  2. barbara paolucci

    New Yorkers should have had more conservatives/republicans/tea party members elected. I found it odd that Schumer was giving a victory speech aired on NY1 shortly after the polls closed, at a point where less than one percent of the votes were counted.

    We need voting machines that show us the scanned ballot so we know that our votes are entered correctly. Many states have the machines that show you the scan, why not here? I don’t believe the results for the Schumer and Gillibrand races were accurate but how to prove otherwise.

    As to the Board of Elections, well I registered in January or February as a Republican. For the primary I was directed to the wrong polling place, I used the information I printed from the Board’s website. The Board of Elections supposedly corrected the error. When I went to vote yesterday, my name was not in the book. They had plenty of time to get it into the book. I had to put my ballot in an affidavit envelope where I swore I was registered to vote. I’ll be calling them to get this straightened out once and for all.

    Meantime, lets push for voting machines that show us the scanned ballot before registering it so we know our votes are being recorded correctly. Aside from Schumer’s immediate family and the ultra left, who would vote for him?

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