(video) Pelosi calls for Ground Zero Mosque “Opposition Funding” Investigation

Pelosi said, ““But there is no question that there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some, and I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded.”

Mary Anne Marsh, a former advisor to John Kerrry, thinks Pelosi  is a savvy politician?  Pelosi claims that the 9-11 families who are  ” supporting this  issue are guilty of was a criminal offense” . No! She is a tyrant ! That’s not savvy, that’s obscene.

Comment from the video post: “This is nothing but an attempt to intimidate the opposition into shutting up. She desperately needs to change the conversation. The Democrats are on Defense, and she’s wielding her trumped up power to get the midterm elections back “on track,” talking about all the progressive democrats “accomplishments.”

THEY just don’t get it’. This is AMERICA that  is outraged. It is NOT a conspiracy!

2 responses to “(video) Pelosi calls for Ground Zero Mosque “Opposition Funding” Investigation

  1. Barbara Paolucci

    Attn Comrade Pelosi:
    You want to know where the funding is coming from that those who oppose the mosque at ground zero havee – well let me tell you this, we are just ordinary Americans from all walks of life. We don’t have any funding from anyone. We are just tired of crooks like you.

    I have a much better idea, lets look into all of the money that has reached your husband and probably other family mmbers because you pushed through bills that put money in your pocket!

  2. I don’t suppose it is of the remotest interest to Ms. Pelosi – (just think, she’s in line to be President if the few before her were out of commission) – who are the entities who are funding the MOSQUE ITSELF????? Nope – just those who object to the lousy project – who dare to say NO to something near and dear to the liberals’ hearts – now THAT’S an investigation worth launching! Fire up the microscope, get the court orders for surveillance! And oh – with the funding you uncover, you can restock Imam Rauf’s expense account for the fund-raising trip he’s on right now to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and the other countries he is not “ruling out contributions from” to get his mosque built. Glowing achievement: A Pan-Islamic victory mosque where even money from Shi’a is welcome to commingle with Sunni – now THAT’S democracy! I guess we HAVE taught them something after all . . .

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