Citizens Walk for Human Rights in Times Square (5-11-10)

May 11, 2010. Times Square.



Even though  the media and our president… all are afraid to talk honestly about the Times Square bomber and the ideology that motivated him (and too many others like him around the world) to murder and to violate the Human Rights of others.


We must no longer remain silent

This  coalition of concerned citizens came to Times Square, to walk  from 42nd St to 45 st st (the site of the failed Times Square bomber)


They carried  signs that the media remains afraid to talk about.


These murders and human rights violations that are committed by the followers of Islam.

We must fight terrorism through education.

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We can no longer remain silent!

4 responses to “Citizens Walk for Human Rights in Times Square (5-11-10)

  1. Dr. John K. Press

    I also made a video of the rally. It is here –

    Thanks for your work!!

  2. This was excellent! I am so proud of these people for doing the job Obama fails to do, inform and protect the American people. Neither he, nor the administration have called this war what it is, a war between a hate filled ideology which commands Jihad against what they call infidels, and whose goal is world domination by Islam. Islam is synonomous with oppression, subjugation and elimination of Muslim women, and all non Muslims. At it’s core it is an evil religion, and all people need to do to see it’s ugliness is read the Koran, and the hadiths. It’s all in there.

  3. So sorry I was unable to go! Just got home in NYC in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

    Thank you so much to all who attended! You represented, and spoke for hundreds of millions around the world and Islam’s many, many victims. Thank you!

  4. i m greatfull to SIOA and all other orgs, who fighting with The Evil islam. Sure its death cult and SIOA showing the real nature of Evil islam to the world. please support to SIOA and stop the Evil islam, Satanic Quran and ban the all Mosques. Because these Mosques are Satanic Schools of muslims where they learn, how to kill the infidels-non-muslims by their Holy war Jihad. dont miss watch this video about the Evil islam. Graphic

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