Fakestinians return to Times Square (again)

Emboldened by the hatred and lies that Big Zero and company are spewing from the White House, the Fakestinians returned to Times Square to continue spreading those same lies and hatred against Israel and the Jews. (scroll to bottom of post for video)



The pictures and unedited video are from my cell-phone (didn’t have my camera) but what matters is not the camera, it’s documenting the audacity of these Fakestinian lies.


Slide show of rally is here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of their  “cheer-leaders” said
that Islam (with a real long aaaa sound…as in “at”….) “Islaaaam cares about everyone: all races, all people, even the JEWS (yeah, right).


Another speaker encouraged all those illegals in the crowd to “Get out and VOTE. It’s important he said, that they register so they can vote out-of-office all those nasty politicians who support Israel.”



The Neteuri Karta proclaimed their solidarity with all the Fakestinians and also mentioned Harlem. Harlem has been referred to at the Muzzie Day Parades as  the MECCA of New York City, so I guess…yeah…I get the connection…(not)




Other Muslim speakers reminded the crowd that as proud  AMERICANS  they must admonish their government for it’s pro-Israeli policies .



Had lots of kids on 7th Avenue (both sides as usual) handing out this propaganda…




Always unfortunate when there isn’t a pro-Israel contingent handing out flyers to the same people passing by to counter these lies.



It was encouraging, however, to see most of the tourists just staring briefly or not caring at all; just walking on by.They didn’t seem very interested. And as for the any press, there didn’t seem to be any but their own photographers.  ( I can always count on them to play right to my camera…)


The police were possibly unaware that the Fakestinians planned a walk (they ALWAYS do, so why be surprised) but, there was an awful  lot of discussion with the officers before they were permitted to walk .



The officers were shaking their heads, and gesturing down 7th, most likely telling the Fakestinians they couldn’t use 42nd (towards the the Israeli Consulate)


Caught a bit of the march as it started on cell phone video (around 3:50 I  get closer shots of crowd and signs as they marched downtown)

So, now…What are we going to do about countering these lies. We must become more pro-active !!

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