911 Never Forget Us Rally says”No” to KSM Terror Trial in NYC (pictures and video)

Scroll to bottom for two slide shows and two videos (one of the Truther who jumped the stage)

The weather was cold and wet, getting ready for New York’s first snow of the season that arrived late that afternoon,but the crowd was determined to send a message back to Washington: Do NOT give  Constitutional rights,guaranteed to Americans, to terrorists.

The Terror Trial is an OUTRAGE and this rally is just the beginning of a populist uprising against government determined to destroy our Constitution.

There will be more rallies. America will NO longer be Silent! The speakers were from 911 Families (those whose loved ones were murdered on 911) and the First Responders. 

More pictures will follow in a second post. Click Picture below for Slide Show

This short video is excerpts with crowd shots, Debra Burlingame, Brian Dennehy reading a letter from Judea Pearl, a small taste of Curtis Sliwa and Daniel Rodriguez (the singing cop).

Click picture below for slide show of  :  After “Say No to Terror Trial” Rally, warming up in court house pizza/deli hangout with Curtis Sliwa and Gathering of Eagles (and many others)

911 Never Forget US Rally and The Truther (Video)

Only in New York City, in a freezing rain can a 911Truther manage to climb barricades and the stage, with his coffee in hand, and not spill a drop. it all unfolded so calmly and everyone ignored him (as they should) while security deftly and quietly removed him from the stage. This is NY, after all. (on CNN you blink and he’s gone) But, still I couldn’t believe I had stood there watching it all unfold with a waterlogged camera and frozen hands…. Then, we “recovered” as a bunch of us followed this guy back to the coffee shop . He seemed to think he was going back IN the coffee shop but the cops had other ideas (like arresting him) So while waiting for the police van and as the cops pressed him against the shop window a few of us snapped away with our cameras. it was fun to see everyone laughing…surreal ….goofy with his gas mask and his pleas of “Call my mother, call my mother” Then he was gone and we went back to “NO to Terror Trials in NYC.”

Update: Seems the 9-11 truther has a name: Nico Haupt. It’s fun to watch the truthers  cannibalize their own. (a conspiracy under every bush) You can also  google this guy here

Thanks to JimBan, Tatyana and Candice for filling out the story with a few pictures I had missed …. and to Urban Infidel for finding Candice (who was having so much fun inside the shop)

ThePeoplesCube also has a great report and pictures of signs, signs signs!

911neverforget.us will eventually have a complete video posted http://911neverforget.us/

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  4. where do I sign the petition to NOT have the terrorist trials in NY?

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  6. What a pathetically small crowd.

  7. Obama is a Muslim. He is a liar and his motivation is to get these guys off the hook.
    This is criminal activity. He is a criminal as proven by all his actions.

  8. We lost our only son on that horried day and we both know that we will take this to our grave. He left a wife and three young children. How dare these politicans do this to us all over and over again..education is great but common sense is priceless!!

    • Words are never enough, but saddened to hear you lost your son on that horrid day. Possibly the latest murderous attempt on the lives of civilians will help to reverse this insane decision regarding the KSM trials.

  9. What a assinine thing to even think of doing! There will be nothing but big trouble if the trials are held in NYC. The emotional pain for families and loved ones of the people lost in the tragedy will only be exacerbated yet again. Where is our illustrious Governor ? Is he taking a nap ?!!! Where is our ” patriotic ” president. I thought he was so intelligent and caring, that I even voted for him. How stupid was that ? This country will continue to go to Hell until we wake up and put God back in our schools and into our daily lives, and stop killing our unborn children. The next stop will be euthenasia of the old and those who are considered to be a burden on society !! Shades of Hitler !!

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  12. Good for those who’ve stepped up and protested the trial being held in NYC. I personally feel that it simply is not fair to ask the good people of New York, most notably the surviving family members of 9/11 victims, to relive that day.

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