“ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL” Islandwide Rally – Long Island

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Islandwide Rally on Saturday October 31

Conservatives MUST vote this year!
The Conservative Society for Action is hosting an end of summer Tea Party to help get out the vote.

Date: Saturday, 10/31/09
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 PM

We are going back to the scene of our original event on Tax Day:

Korean War Memorial
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Suffolk County Dennison Building
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Long Islanders Are SILENT NO MORE:
  • On April 15th, we 3,000 patriots came and said they were Taxed Already Enough!
  • On June 16th, we Marched on Albany and put our State elected officials on notice!
  • On June 22nd, we started the town hall protest movement at Tim Bishop’s Setauket Town Hall meeting!
  • On July 17th, we held the Grand Slam for Freedom and put Schumer, Gillibrand, McCarthy, Israel & Bishop on report!
  • In August we counter-protested SEIU, ACORN, Moveon.org, Organize for America & others.
  • On September 12th, we Marched on DC with 1.2 Million other Patriots.
  • On October 5th, we “Townhalled” Steve Israel and outnumers his supporters 4 to 1.
And now .. days before the election, we are hosting an “ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL” tea party.
Let your voice be heard on LOCAL issues:
  • Freeze Property taxes NOW!
  • Where is our Star Rebate Check?
  • What happened to State Aid for our Schools?
  • Cap Property Taxes.
  • Dump the MTA Tax.
  • Ask why Brian Foley Votes with NYC!
Sign Ideas:
“Revolt! Get Out and Vote”
“Voting Equals Freedom”
“Cut the Crap, Vote for the Cap”

Remember: Not all bums are in Washington and Albany… they’re here too!

If you stay home this year, YOU will be part of the Problem. This is the message of this Rally.

Come to our “All Politics Is Local” Rally and let’s help get out the vote.
Want Real Change? Vote!

Join us on Saturday, 10/31/09 at 12:00. We will meeting caravans from around Long Island including Patriots from Riverhead, Rockville Centre and every town in between.
NOTE: We’ll have some halloween candy and some costumes for the kids.

Please reply with any questions or comments to:


Stephen Flanagan, Founder & Executive Director
Conservative Society for Action

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