NYU Healthcare Debate Rep. Weiner vs. Dr. McCaughey

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“Who’s going to pay for it Congressman? ” by Phil Orenstein

Dr. Betsy McCaughey, health policy expert, patient advocate and former Lt. Governor of NY debated Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Queens) at NYU Medical Center on Monday evening Oct. 5th. With statistics, quotes from sections of the bill, and pie charts Dr. McCaughey brilliantly spelled out the hidden dangers in the bill, as well as the looming economic disaster that will befall Medicare as millions more baby boomers simultaneously enter elderly status, piling into the already bankrupt system.

Dr. McCaughey’s 2nd speech

She laid out the evidence in a clear cut arguments that any rational being would have to conclude that ObamaCare is hazardous for America, our economy and our way of life.

Best line of the night according to Gathering of Eagles was Dr. McCaughey saying: “He should be representing US instead of cowtowing to the president!”

As Congressman Weiner gave what was more like a campaign pep talk rather than a substantive argument, he concocted a web of deceit to promote his vision of single-payer America, based upon the fallacious notion that today’s Medicare is wonderful and we should make it available for every age group. But he failed to address just who’s going to pay for the mammoth costs involved and how much of our liberties will be lost in the tradeoff.

To fanatic cheers from the young students and academics in the audience, while saying nothing of substance, he railed against the insurance companies, the profit incentive, shareholders, American healthcare vs. European socialized healthcare and capitalism in general. It was little more than an embellished “change you can believe in” charade of false political promises that will never be realized. But to his young academic fans in the audience bred on Keynesian economics, believing Milton Friedman to be the cause of the economic collapse, he is their champion. In their youthful naiveté, they still suck up false hope and change, rather than thinking rigorously and critically about the everyday realities of life, society and government. Blame their radical professors and guardians of academia leading them into utopian fantasies. I actually spoke to a student afterwards who said that about Milton Friedman and another zombie-like female student, holding up signs proclaiming socialism is our present way of life, who didn’t answer when I spoke to her.

On the whole, what characterized Weinerschnitzle, raised from his boyhood under the political wings of Chucky Cheese himself, was his crass rudeness and below the belt remarks attacking Dr. McCaughey’s character and reputation, calling her “liar” and “pants on fire.”

Weiner’s 2nd speech

We had over 60 Patriots there to counter his cocky shenanigans and let him know that he is a “rude man” as one gentleman intoned from the audience. We were there to support Dr. McCaughey and to stand up in support of free markets, individual liberties and proudly defending our great country with the best healthcare system in the world. They cannot deny that we are a force to be reckoned with. We certainly made a big dent in their academic cocoon.

Excerpts from the Q and A

Part 3

Part 4

On the same night was Rep. Steve Israel’s townhall at Suffolk Community College.  Gathering of Eagles featured the video filmed and edited by our own Jeff Bruzzo from Project Shining City with Andy Sullivan of Blue Collar Corner. New stirrings of a free media empire. Go Andy!!

From TSM: Below is  three part audio (set to stills) . It is the complete 90 minutes (audio) of the entire event and includes the opening presentations of Weiner and McCaughey

Part 1 is audio of the intros and Weiner’s opening presentation

[viddler id=c66bd655&w=437&h=370]

Part’s 2 is audio of Dr, McCaughey’s opening presentation.

[viddler id=c30fd04f&w=437&h=370]

Part 3 of the audio  includes Weiner and McCauley in their final rebuttals. The  Q and A is approx 30 minutes.

[viddler id=5d17f2e9&w=437&h=370]

A few photos can be found here at Flickr. Click picture to go to slideshow

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  1. Way to go, Dr. McCaughey. When they throw their gun at you, that means they are OUT of bullets.

    Thank YOU!

    Freedom Radio

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