Concerned Citizens meet with Pastor David Manning (video)

UPDATED…new videos posted… in 9 parts

These are excerpts from an almost two hour meeting on the evening of Sept. 24, 2009 that was arranged by ACT-Manhattan (American Congress for Truth) with Pastor James David Manning at his church in Harlem.

Part 1 – The group discusses power and the media.

Part 2-The discussion continues on the topics of power, candidates in 2010 and 2012, evil and false charges of racism. (and a bit about Edgar Rice Burrows)

Part 3- The discussion turned to the 9-12 Tea Party in DC and unanswered questions like, “Is Obama a Muslim”. Then the UN and Israel were also discussed.

Part 4-The group discussed Islam in our prisons; Kalidy and Obama’s missing transcripts; Obama and his Health Care and Cap and Trade; the NYC Mayoral Race; Soros, dismanteling the middle-class and what are our options if Obama succeeds? Revolution or secession?

Part 5- They continue with Islam,division in our country, Evil, Truth, and our constitution and the military.

Part 6 – They continue with ‘who will lead’ the revolution and what is meant by revolution. The media, the Internet, how to undo negative labels like ‘extreme’ right and how to keep BHO from being President for Life!

Part 7 – The group discusses Obama’s cover-up re citizenship and passport as well as his sexuality

Part 8 – The Pastor discusses why Obama is not the Anti-Christ. Talks about what makes him a False-Messiah/False Prophet.

Part 9 – The discussion continues with our military. The Pastor feels strongly that our military will not support Obama, so Obama will create his own army through our prisons and gangs. More on Shariah Finance, terrorism and greed. (taking a LONG time to process at You Tube)

Part 10 – The group finishes with a wrap-up of what they might do to make a change. What do we want to see in our candidates. Get involved, know what is in our textbooks and take a class….learn what is in our Constitution

Part 11 – The wrap-up concludes with defining the enemy. Islam, tribalism, racism, individual rights and the Constitution as well as some personal observations from the Pastor.

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