Tea Party Express March on Washington…The Videos!

America came to Washington on Sept. 12, 2009 to “Take Back America”.

The Obama-philes are still in denial….they can’t handle the truth…but America is “Mad as Hell” and over 1 million Americans came to Washington to STOP the “Change”.2010 and 2012, this is CHANGE the Obama-Reid-Polosi’s can count on!

BTW- we noticed that no matter how many videos and pictures are posted, very few duplications are popping up. THAT’S another indication of how many Americans’ Came To Town’! (there will be more video posted as it’s uploaded)

Part 1 : March started at 10 AM instead of 11: 30 because the crowd was so HUGE. Arrived at Freedom Plaza after it started (about 10:15)

Part 2 : The “mob” marched and marched…and marched!

Part 3: We finally get to the Capitol …

Part 4: We’re at the Capitol. It’s wonderful hearing the crowd ROAR with such positive energy.

Part 5 -Tea Party Patriots vs CNN : Heard a fuss. Walked behind the busses to see a live CNN feed. The crowd was yelling “Move the bus” over and over and also, “Fox News is Number One” . I saw some of this aired later (not sure where since I don’t watch CNN) so she managed to do her report. Crowd maybe could have been a bit more contained, but the MSM has been so dishonest and that makes it difficult to keep quiet when you see two big busses hiding the crowd around the Capitol from the live-feed. Communist News Network: We’ve come to expect nothing more and  nothing less from CNN.

Click link for slide show of pictures of CNN and Patriots:


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