More pictures from the Fabulous Washington DC Tea Party

Another batch of the Fabulous “Tea Party of all Tea Party” pictures (Part 2).
Lots of pictures of the Capitol and the crowd once we got there….

DSCN7387 dup

But it was slow because the crowd was HUGE. At first, the police kept the crowd off 3rd street. Funneled us on one path to the Capitol. However, when it was apparent the crowd was SO LARGE, they permitted us to use 3rd to walk to the Capitol. Flash didn’t go off so we didn’t get a clear  picture of the Police on horseback holding us back. (It’ll show up better when the video is posted)

Police on horseback held crowd back on 3rd St...

DSCN7292 dup

Later on this area will be JAMMED:

This grass area will soon be jammed with people

Had to use zoom to get a close view of the stage and the speakers:

DSCN7301 dup 3

used zoom to see people stitting on statues on Capitol grounds

We got some shots around the pool:

We looked at the crowded Capitol grounds

one of my few long shots of crowd around the pool

Lots of posters and the people!

DSCN7329 dup

All of whom were calm and positive BUT also very, very determined to get their messages across:

DSCN7332 dup

DSCN7262 dup 2

DSCN7264 dup

No MOB mentality that I saw, just Americans, young and old, who had come together in common cause.

DSCN7359 dup

DSCN7265 dup

DSCN7334 dup

DSCN7358 dup

We can Fix it if we try.

DSCN7365 dup

DSCN7369 dup

This one poster says it all:

DSCN7375 dup

America must STOP the madness

DSCN7349 dup

Slide show has many more pictures. Click the link:


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