Town Hall Mid-Town Manhattan a Tightly controlled WHINY Oprah-Fest (9-01-09)video

Update: Next day stumbled on Tommy and his worker-bees shilling for Public Option:

See Tommy in yellow shirt on left (of course) talking to his troops:

To see a few more cell phone pics (click thumbnail)

NOW… back to the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

In Part 2, Tommy actually talks about Healthcare, Medicare, etc… but that’s all he does. Talks. No questions nor contradictions permitted from the floor…

Part 3:  

In Part 3, Tommy responds to convenient index card questions that all lead him to wax eloquently upon his pet issues…MOST conveniently….

Part 4

In Part 4, Tommy responds to questions from the floor that are JUST as convenient as those little index cards… as we said, tying in to his pet issues (MOST conveniently)  A very controlled BORING meeting. A waste of two hours. A study in how to keep any questions of substance OFF the floor…

Okay ….First things first. Ask yourself, if you were attending a Demon-crat Town Hall, what might you BET your Bottom Dollar will be missing….tickticktick….

DSCN6827 copy

BINGO! (we knew you would get it right on first try: The American Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance!  BUT look at that nice BIG banner for the State Senator hung from a nice high balcony. NO excuse for not hanging a flag while they were at it…. But, they’ll think of something….BTW- This Town hall was held in a theatre on 42nd Street

DSCN6830 DSCN6831

These were the few pictures I took due to some major harassment. The rest is video . Sat in the second row beside their cameraman. I was quiet….but, I was punched by one lout hard (twice) going on a third telling me to put my camera down.  (Take note: I had been very careful not to reveal camera until St. Sen. Duane was on the floor)After all, it’s not like I didn’t expect to be told NO First Amendment rights for Repubs, and the theatre personnel kept trying to tell me there were no cameras allowed (like I’d fall for that one.) Hello?!!! this is a Town Hall …a Public Meeting!  So I kept up with the mantra: publicmeetingpublicmeetingpublicmeeting. Since I didn’t cave, the theatre personnel walked away (I was not being QUIET regarding my harassment). But whoever Punchinello was, this guy remained irate that I was filming and said he would punch me again if I lifted my camera up one more time. When I told him to LAY off me. He finally gave up, shut up and sat quietly in his seat. (that was a first)  I did consider he might accost me at the end as I left but, he was off it by the end.

BTW- this Whine-Fest Town Hall was kept SECRET from any registered REPUBS. This is my district and I received NO notice but, once I knew about it, I just HAD to see these sycophants in action: Stuart  Smalley meets every old Bolsheviks (they were that OLD) and New-Wave Progressives ne Commies!  in Manhattan (and  they LOVE each other so-o-o-o MUCH!!) It was a MIND-NUMBINGLY pointless meeting.

I knew others like myself who were in attendance and later, one  associate observed, “How did this guy get past his first campaign speech? How did people continue to listen to him whine and then elect him after that? It was unbearable. In case you didn’t check your watch, he spent the first 20 minutes on his drama-apology monologue. It was almost 7 before he read his first question. Hey! maybe since he was in a theater he thought he will act out a drama…”  TSM: I thought it was a 30 minute apology; regarding the State Senate’s boorish behavior this summer…he was so-o-o ashamed…)

“…he was either whining or blaming the republicans for every thing. It was like a monologue or soliloquy in a drama play, not a town meeting. It is TORTURE listening to him whine about his feelings. Feels like an Oprah show.”  TSM: I thought the same ….VERY,VERY THEATRICAL

Other topics he droned on and on about: The idling busses in mid-town. This is a legitimate problem but, of course, he never mentioned that Bloomberg’s Folly ne the  “Times- Square Beach-Chairs-on- Parade”  MESS that has made traffic back up for everyone INCLUDING the busses. It sends them on to more side streets than before. Our midtown side streets do have busses AND limos parked (idling) in front of our buildings all day with noise and exhaust. However,  the cops leave them saying where are they going to park?? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That was his point, sort of…. but, I still think he’s smarmy. No way was he going to discuss the destruction of Times Square:

Topics that he commented on as he read from index cards : He likes realtors, builders, that’s okay, but they “wouldn’t be building if they weren’t making a a profit” so why shouldn’t they be expected to “help”: translate “spread the wealth/cap and trade”,  right?

Illegal hotels in empty apartments (which could be just tourists, but could also be prostitutes or drugs) Okay…. But, he said the problem is complicated by not wanting to just close everything down as some residential-type hotels have union employees, so you don’t want to step on a union-site (got it?)

Also, avoided mentioning the RETURN of the porno-stores all over Times Square area.  Giuliani got rid of them but No-Term Limits for Me Bloomberg, who has most recently observed his campaign is going well because NO ONE is running against him! (what a guy….)

Lots about Gay Marriage and tied that into schools…building more schools… because now even gays and lesbians are having children! Everybody’s having children so we must have more schools. And he so sweetly yearned for ROOMY schools just like in the Burbs, not crowded with bodies and desks like inner-city schools. He noted that children need to have room to breathe and run around and do music and art etc etc…okay….

We need to be nice to everyone. Give equal rights to everyone. Need to rewrite the NY State Constitution so that equality for the poor etc etc will be there for EVERYONE. (like it isn’t?)

Visiting Health care, drugs for those with HIV, we must make sure we take care of these people. We must CARE about them cause we know the Repubs don’t care…

As would be expected, Duane pointed out that we ALL want MediCare.To protest is to be a hypocrit(says he) However, he never mentioned anything about MediCare being BROKE! or that Hussein is cutting funds specifically to MediCare. Puhleese….why mention something as IMPORTANT as that? He also said, “We all want (fill in the blanks) so we must have higher taxes. Don’t say cut the taxes, but not the services!” (He is so-o-o wise….)

Of course, he supports Congestive TAXATION (also known as Congestive Pricing) even  though the negative impact would be on those living in the area, since they’re the ones who would be  dunned(TAXED), not those who live in Jersey since they can avoid the fees and absorb this punishment in away that those who live in the zone of taxation cannot! All of this is aimed at punishing anyone who drives a car.

Never do they discuss how many people are injured badly and killed by kamkazi  bicycles. And be careful lest you reveal your concerns about the danger to pedestrians from  bicycles. If they sense you don’t support forcing us all to ride bicycles, those lovely  Green Machines, you will  never be asked back to a neighborhood council meeting (happened to me)

Re: his oddly shaped District: Big-Bad Republicans made districts odd shapes because there were not enough Republicans. So that naughty gerrymandering is the fault of Repubs? Who can’t accept the fact that NY has elected a Demon-crat Congress Majority (He said it took 10 years too long) and frankly, he moaned , there aren’t ENOUGH Demon-crats , particularly the RIGHT kind: Progressive-Demons!  Oddly he chose that moment to say he was a different Dem, a Teddy K-type Dem, as though that was a horse of a different COLOR!

There was NO way this man was going to have a real Town Hall. It was tightly orchestrated. But, once it was ended at 8:30, he  meekly and ‘sweetly’ talked to “the people” as the meeting broke up and was observed sweetly walking away from the building towards Times Square at about 9 PM. Not in a rush to leave the building, just not going to take any REAL questions from the crowd; period.

Main Point of the meeting: Dems NICE; Repubs NOT. What else would you expect.

This machine is dug-in deep and it’s going to keep ripping us off, sucking us dry, more and more and more .

Is this enough to make you Mad as Hell ? It should be.

Now Let’s DO something about it!

4 responses to “Town Hall Mid-Town Manhattan a Tightly controlled WHINY Oprah-Fest (9-01-09)video

  1. It looks like a hypnoses session.
    With this monotone talking it looks like he is trying to bring people into a state of hypnoses.

    Something obama also does.

  2. ZZZZZZZ… oh, it’s over?
    And they have the nerve to call waterboarding torture? A couple of minutes with this guy droning to some A-Q mutts in Gitmo and we could have Bin Laden in 48 hours.
    That audience, not for nothing but was it a 1960’s Columbia University student protestors reunion?
    The guy really punched you? Do you have it on film hopefully?

  3. My God I even heard clapping – how did you ever make it through this horror of a meeting?
    Lord in heaven how did this bore ever get elected?
    And as far as getting punched – this wirery lil creep is very lucky I was not there with you – I would have sent him to the ER for laying a finger on you!

    Bless your heart for putting up with that! What a joke!

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