Thugs Obama-Style: “Shut uuuupppp!”

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Campaigning in Virginia on Thursday, Barack Obama said he did not mind the responsibility of cleaning up the health-care “mess”—but he does not want “the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking.” He wants them to ”get out of the way.John Hinderaker and Glenn Reynolds both titled their posts on Obama’s remarks “Shut Up, He Explained.”

James Besser has brought this high concept to the discussion of Obama’s nomination of Mary Robinson for the Presidential Medal of Honor. Besser ponders the “correct response” for Jewish leaders who think honoring Robinson legitimizes her anti-Israel views and the anti-Semitic Durban conference in which she was a key player. Here is his answer:

I’m not sure (I’m a journalist, not a high-paid Jewish executive), but I suspect groups that genuinely object to the decision to award the medal to Robinson should simply express disappointment, explain the reasons—and shut up…”

HEY…we thought “Dissent was PATRIOTIC!


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