“Don’t Back Down” from Lt. Col Allen B. West

” Don’t Back Down” from a great American Patriot, LTC Allen West, who is running for Congress in 2010. We need this fighter for the Republic to represent our voices in the halls of Congress. Here he gives us the encouragement to stand up and never surrender. This is similar encouragement he gave to his soldiers as battalion commander for the Army’s 4th Infantry Division fighting the world’s most bloodthirsty terrorists in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Now we’re taking the fight to the streets of America battling the forces of encroaching socialism and totalitarianism. It’s a fight for the survival of our American Republic and we need to be armed with the fighting spirit that the great battalion commander relays:


Friends and supporters, there is a deliberate and organized attack against Americans enacting their 1st Amendment right to free speech and to petition their government. It is appalling that this week liberal politicians and media accused concerned citizens of being organized, acting like Nazi’s, and acting mob-like. Yet it was in St Louis where we saw union thugs, bussed in and encouraged by the left, who attacked a black conservative man physically and directed racist slurs at him.

Below you will see orders being disseminated from an organized group directing healthcare supporters on how to combat those of us who have a differing assessment. Is this what the Obama, Reid, and Pelosi triumvirate call a Free Republic? This is nothing more than Chicago gangster intimidation.

“I encourage everyone to read the attachment below and ensure it is widely disseminated. We are in a fight for the future of our Country. We cannot back down and never surrender. If these true radicals deem us as a mob, then we have nothing to lose. Do not fear being called names because you are RIGHT and they fear your strength. They will lie and resort to emotionalism, you stay steady and beat them down with truth. And always, have some able bodied fellas around!

Prepare yourselves and be armed with the facts, they now seek to demonize the insurance agencies. I recommend you all find out how much financial contributions your local liberal Representative has received from insurance companies, easy to find out. Get the facts, this is not about affordable healthcare, nor accessibility.

It is about the government controlling who gets into the cradle and when you go to the grave. This is the ultimate in nationalization of production, this is about literally controlling our lives.

Steadfast and Loyal, Allen


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