Great pictures from Denver-Tea Party and Obama-Nuts: “Nancy and the Astroturfers”

El Marko has captured a TON of great pictures with a great report at Looking at the Left!

Nancy and the Astroturfers



Nut Jobs:


Lots of pictures continue here>>

These are really awful times we are living in.  Looking at the end of America if Hussein gets this passed. His GOON-patrol —his brown-shirts are gonna do whatever they can to intimidate and threaten us all as they force America in to a Socialist nightmare.

Those who can still be snookered by Congress and a tyrant named Hussein-Obama need to be persuaded to listen to US. They need to hear the truth that socialized medicine doesn’t work; it never has. THAT’s why Congress and Hussein don’t intend to use the ‘Health Care‘ we’ll be FORCED to use. What’re the citizens going to do when they find out (too late…after Obama-Care has been passed ) that they  can’t get any tests like MRIs or CAT-scans because they’re considered too old at 65? Or at 50! when they’re told they’re too old for dialysis or a hip replacement.  What happened to Freedom of CHOICE? We can’t be Silent ANYMORE. We have to tell people the TRUTH. Speak Out. Do NOT be SHY. Do NOT BE SILENT!

Some thoughts from  Freedom Works: “We are under attack by the left because they fear us. We are on offense. We have pushed back and now we are the radicals and they are the establishment. We are taking on big government and big business, both of which are supporting Obamacare….this movement…has the potential to be a historic movement that rivals many others in American history. If we stay focused, keep organizing, keep recruiting and keep up the pressure, we can and will defend liberty and prevent this country from walking blindly down the road to serfdom.”

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