Ask NOT what you can do for your country, you have no CHOICE: Serf’s Up!

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What happens if we tell Hussein and Company, “No Thank you. I’m not buying…”?


This ‘gift horse’ is gonna keep on laughing while the black-horse of death drags us to an early grave…. Our future : the Five Year NIGHTMARE Plan.

“Serfs were peasants tied to the land in Old Russia. In the same way, we will be tied to the government, dependent on the government for our very lives. That’s the deeper meaning of the Five-Year Plan Obama has defended. This is not a Soviet-era Five Year Plan. Instead, it’s the legal obligation for all health care recipients to discuss their “end of life” decisions every five years. This is not optional. This is not voluntary. It is mandated. It is national conscription.”

Do YOU know who your FRIENDS are? Not the Rhino’s head-slamming their way through Congress: The Chamber of Horrors beckons….

“RHINOCare — Republican Healthcare In Name Only — and it is nothing but a ploy to deceive people into inviting government-run healthcare into America….

The President is proposing a “cut-Medicare-first” strategy of cost control, and people have caught on. On top of that, the provision in the bill for mandatory “life counseling” (read “death and dying counseling”) is the final straw that convinces seniors that nationalized healthcare will put them out in the cold and into an early grave. The remark of a senior citizen at a recent Gate City, Virginia town hall meeting perfectly expresses the views of many older people: “The federal government just wants me to feel guilty for going on living.”

STAY ANGRY AMERICA. STOP THE TYRANTS NOW or FOREVER we will be SILENCED. The Big Liar in the White House (and Company) has you on a check-list and when it’s time to check you OFF, naughty or nice…no matter…you and your  family will have NO CHOICE!!!

This is the man Michelle is so proud of and his  Big-Plans for a  NEW America do not include YOU: “…in his Inaugural Address six months ago, Obama again invoked “big plans.” But he modestly limited himself to calling for raising health care’s quality and lowering its costs. And again he honored conservative sensibilities and indicated an inclination to balance competing considerations by praising the American commitment to individual freedom and noting that the market’s “power to generate wealth and expand freedom is unmatched.”

In short, Obama’s most carefully calculated words gave reason to believe that the candidate of hope and change, who proclaimed his intention to transcend partisanship, would seek health care reform that proceeded pragmatically, respecting market forces and building consensus. His most watched speeches certainly provided cause to discount any suggestion that he would exploit a severe recession to centralize government control of nearly one-fifth of the American economy or that he would support health care legislation that rushes to expand coverage while neglecting the impact of such legislation on health care quality and costs.


Recently, the Democratic party-appointed head of the Congressional Budget Office created a furor by testifying to Congress that Obama’s big plans for health care reform will increase costs and may prove unsustainable. His assessment, however, was incomplete because it did not take into account the costs to democratic self-government of the cynicism bred and the trust eroded by a president who increasingly appears to have deliberately obscured the principles and policies according to which he intended to govern.”

Planned Economy or Planned Destruction, either way, America: YOU LOSE!

Some thoughts from  Freedom Works: “We are under attack by the left because they fear us. We are on offense. We have pushed back and now we are the radicals and they are the establishment. We are taking on big government and big business, both of which are supporting Obamacare….this movement…has the potential to be a historic movement that rivals many others in American history. If we stay focused, keep organizing, keep recruiting and keep up the pressure, we can and will defend liberty and prevent this country from walking blindly down the road to serfdom.”

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