July 4th Tea Party, Rockland County (New City, NY)pictures and short video

(scroll past pictures for short video)

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New City, Rockland County, New York! Many Patriots came out July 4th to show support for our Country and to DEMAND accountability from our elected Representatives.

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Gathering of Eagles ( NY) was there

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Petitions were signed

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MUCHO good spirits abounded

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It was a BEAUTIFUL Day

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May God continue to Bless America and Keep her STRONG.

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We shall overcome President Hussein and Company and his threats of “change”only if we continue to come together in praise of America and to DEMAND transparency and accountability.

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America! She’s here 233 years. We have survived. Don’t let it end with the BHO-Soros- Pelosi/Reid insurgency.

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We must do more than just come out for the next Tea Party. ACTION!! NOW!

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As those in New City demonstrated on July 4, 2009.

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America! TAKE HER BACK! One day at a time, but…. Take Her Back!

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(for the children)

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(a short video)

As the petitions were signed some of our younger Patriots stood proudly and let their voices ring out: Come to the Tea Party!

God Bless America. 233 years and going strong if we FIGHT for what is Right!

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