A Pierre Rehov Film:

THE PATH TO DARKNESS” Is Now In Post Production.

Billions have been invested by Saudi Arabia in US universities in the last years. At the same time, our Western values have been eroded by moral relativism. This leads an entire generation to believe in new mythologies such as: a genocide is perpetrated against Palestinians; Suicide Killers are kamikazes or freedom fighters; Cho, Eric and Dylan, the murderers of Virginia Tech and Columbine, are a typical product of our repressive society; the US Army is an occupation force in Iraq and many other relativist revisions of history leading to the ‘Path to Darkness’.

Pierre Rehov’s latest film The Path To Darkness is currently in post-production. This endeavor has led him to investigate those mythologies and takes us to Japan  to meet with WW2 former kamikazes, to Iraq where he was embedded in the US Armys 4th Cavalry and into Gaza and the West Bank.  For the first time he documents the step-by-step religious brain-washing of a candidate to suicide-terrorism, including the rituals preceding his criminal act and much more. Pierre, also, has  close-encounters with families of suicide-killers and local Imams.

Following the acclaimed “Suicide Killers”, The Path to Darkness will take us for a journey deeper into the mind of terrorists, while debunking the dangerous mythologies propagated among our new generations.


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