Sunday in the Park with ‘palis’…again…

On a lovely summer’s day, families came to Central Park to celebrate Tel Aviv and Israel.

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A small turnout of ‘palis’ and Israel-haters yelled vile chants, joined by code-pinkos (Medea Benjamin)and other familiar brown-shirt faces who were passing out their usual “dis-information” to uninterested and offended passers-by.
(video in 2 parts)


Media Benjamin of Code Pink gives then a”thumbs up”!

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The Celebration of Tel Aviv with a Beach City in Central Park went from 11-AM to 6 PM. Great fun for the families and children with live music, frizbees and lots of sand!

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Basically, the usual suspects gathered to protest Israel. Unfortunately, we had to leave at about 1:45. At approximately 2:30 some of OUR people appeared with banners and the police actually let them stand with the pro-Israel banners!

UPDATE from Our Patriots :

… in addition to the usual suspects described, a smaller band of Israel-bashers from Westborough Baptist Church (previously infamous for protesting US Military funerals) were observed near the West 72nd street entrance to the park, ranting about Tel Aviv being a city of gays and Israel being a country of gay-lovers. They were not there for very long .”

Sorry we missed that. Am Yisrael Chai!

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