Calling Algore: Coldest June since… 1903?!

Hey Big Al! That Global Warming… “She’s a bi…ha….itch….!”

From the NY Post:

“Big Apple Keeping Cool…”

We’re on track to brrring in the second-coldest June on record.

So far, the average temperature for the month is 65.1 degrees.

If that keeps up, it will make this June the coolest since June 1903, which had an average temperature of 64.2 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

We’ve also gotten plenty of rain this month — 7.90 inches. That’s 5.37 inches above the average of 2.53 inches. Last year, we got 3.39 inches in all of June.

Yesterday, the first official day of summer, was mostly cloudy and rainy, with just a few hours of sun. Don’t expect the sun again until Wednesday, when temperatures are expected to warm up to 80 degrees.

The gloom is keeping the crowds away from Coney Island.

Mike Finley, 54, who has worked there for four decades, says his business is down 50 percent.

“How’s business? What business? It’s been terrible. The worst I’ve seen in 44 years,” Finley said. “I’ve never seen the rain bother people like this.”

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