RealClearPolitics – Video – Fox News Banned From Entering ACORN Awards Gala

FOX News Channel reports: Griff Jenkins covered ACORN’s 39th Anniversary Gala Awards honoring Sen. Charles Schumer, Rep. Luis Guiterrez and Rep. Maxine Waters at the National Education Association building in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 2009. Our cameras were banned from the event, but ACORN allowed far-left bloggers to attend. A confrontation occurred outside the building.

Glenn Beck will discuss this on his show today (June 18th)  at 5pm.

To see more on ACORN as revealed recently at CPAC The STM posted this  excerpt from The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)  “How Liberals Destroy the American Election System” Part 3 with Heather Heidelbaugh,Republican National Lawyers Association.

Heather’s section was very interesting as she discussed the NY TIMES cover-up and spiking of ACORN prior to the November Election. (Apologies for incorrect name on video title card.)

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