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Remembering Gilad Shalit inTimes Square (and the death of a deeply troubled Rock Star)

Thursday, June 25, 2009- Times Square. 11 AM

From Shalit’s Father: My Son Has only One Wish- His Freedom

Some 2,000 Israelis gathered in front of the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv on Thursday to mark three years to the day in which Israel Defense Forces Gilad Shalit fell into captivity in a cross-border raid by Gaza-based Palestinian gunmen.

The gathering’s keynote address was delivered by Shalit’s father, Noam. “We stand here today, in front of the prime minister’s office, the Defense Ministry, and the IDF General Staff, in front of those who three years ago, 1,095 days ago, sent Gilad on a mission from which he has not come back until this very day,” Noam Shalit said.

“We are standing here today to serve as a mouthpiece for Gilad, to scream his scream,” Shalit said. “He of course cannot scream from the pit in which he has been held for the last three years. It is doubtful whether he can see any sunlight, smile his sheepish and hesitant smile that was permanently etched on his face.”


“We came here this evening to express Gilad’s muted yearning, his only wish,” Noam Shalit said. “He asks just one thing from you, the inhabitants across the street – the decision-makers – his freedom.”

The father of Gilad Shalit urged fellow Israelis on Thursday to think of his son’s plight in Hamas captivity, three years after the soldier was snatched from an Israel Defense Forces post by Gaza militants.

“My request today, June 25, 2009, is for every person in the country, man and woman, young and old, to close their eyes for three minutes. Three minutes only, and to wait until these minutes are over, and in this time for everyone to try to think of what my son Gilad is going through,” Noam Shalit told Army Radio.  (snip)

Supporters of the abducted soldier planned to hold a mass demonstration outside Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s office in Tel Aviv on Thursday. Shalit’s parents will declare at the rally the founding of an “army of Gilad Shalit’s friends,” which will lead all efforts aimed at pressing the government over the soldier’s case, Army Radio reported.

Shalit’s brother, for his part, made a new plea to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mark the day.

“Mr. prime minister, I ask of you: Save my brother. Don’t abandon him to an unknown fate. Don’t wait until tomorrow, help Gilad today,” Yoel Shalit said on Army Radio.

“Every day in captivity is life-threatening. Gilad is still alive and it is your responsibility and duty to bring him home.”

Full article here>

All day the Times Square screen scrolled dull headlines…

People were  hanging out in Bloomberg’s Lawnchair Follies:

(Making Times Square a mess)

And the volunteers were great… All day they gathered signed postcards for Gilad’s Father (will post  a card shortly) This event was going til 8 PM

Then, around 5:30 PM (EST) Michael Jackson died…

Times Square became  Easter Island

His death affected everything around the volunteers. Making  an easy approach to passersby (asking them to sign a card for Gilad’s father) no longer so easy ….

People were glued to the headlines and video overhead that scrolled the same thing over and over and OVER….




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“Bernard Madoff, De-Funder of the Left”

So, Bernie gets the maximum: 150 years. Seems right. His wife, his sons, his family….did they really noy have a CLUE regarding their illegal gains?

Difficult to believe, but…okay, we guess the investigation is still open on those questions. Now, pondering this bit of news from NewsReal.Blog, that many Leftards lost mucho-bucks because of Bernie: Can’t help but smile over this bit of news.! And deeply saddened that so many others had to suffer at the same time.

by matthew vadum

Embezzler Bernard Madoff, who swindled clients out of at least $50 billion, was sentenced to 150 years imprisonment Monday.

Very few media reports have focused on the damage that Madoff did to left-leaning foundations and political causes. I wrote about this topic in the American Spectator in January.

The record-breaking fraud is forcing the closing of the JEHT and Picower foundations, longtime supporters of leftist groups.

Left-wing groups funded by those charities include ACORN (known for its massive voter-fraud campaigns), the Center for Constitutional Rights (a pro-Castro member of the open borders lobby), and Alliance for Justice (which supports habeas corpus protections for terror suspects).

The Picower Foundation had the bad luck to choose Madoff to manage its more than $1 billion in assets. It has funded abortion groups, including NARAL ($3.2 million), Center for Reproductive Rights ($2.5 million), Planned Parenthood ($2.4 million), and Center for Reproductive Law and Policy ($625,000)–all of which advocate taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand. It also gave $2.9 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which smears conservatives who question racial preference programs, and  $200,000 to Project Vote, which part of the corrupt ACORN network.

The JEHT Foundation, which stands for Justice, Equality, Human dignity and Tolerance, has given away more than $72 million in grants since heiress and Democratic donor Jeanne Levy-Church founded it in 2000.

JEHT gave $1.7 million to the ACLU and its foundation, along with $839,500 to the ultra-leftist public interest law firm, the Center for Constitutional Rights, which helped to convince the Supreme Court in Boumediene v. Bush (2008) to confer habeas corpus rights for the first time in history on alien enemies detained abroad by the U.S. military in wartime. The decision gives terrorists a green light to manipulate our justice system and flout the well-established laws of civilized warfare.

JEHT gave $250,000 to the American Institute for Social Justice, an ACORN affiliate. The Saul Alinsky-inspired Institute trains community organizers and in recent years has served as a shadowy financial clearinghouse, directing $9 million to ACORN and two of its other affiliates.

JEHT gave $55,000 to Nan Aron’s Alliance for Justice, a group that systematically distorts conservative judges’ records in an effort to block their elevation to higher courts. You may remember the Alliance helped to torpedo the Supreme Court nomination of Robert Bork in 1987 and nearly succeeded in “borking” Clarence Thomas in 1991. More recently, the group fought President Bush’s nominations of Charles Pickering and Priscilla Owen to federal courts.

JEHT also gave more than $4.2 million to the Tides Foundation and its affiliates. Tides funds abortion rights advocacy, environmental extremism, anti-war activism, gun control, and opposes free trade.

(Still smiling? This was a bright light in the midst of these dark times,  knowing such vile “organizatioons”  lost some “moneh”!)

Obama’s ‘Outreach to Muslims’ Prompts Mass Koran Distribution

From Israel National News:

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose officials in the past have been convicted for being associated with Muslim terrorist groups, said it will announce at a news conference Tuesday that it is launching an “education campaign” and will distribute 100,000 copies of the Koran to local, state and national leaders. The books will provide an English translation and commentary.

CAIR said the distribution is prompted by U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent speech in Cairo, in which he said he wants to reach out to Muslims throughout the world.”

So, what do YOU plan on doing with your ‘free’ Koran…compliments of CAIR:

“Through this ground-breaking outreach initiative, we hope not only to educate policy-makers and opinion leaders about Islam, but also to provide an opportunity for American Muslims to reach out to their fellow citizens of other faiths,” said CAIR board chairman, North Carolina State Senator Larry Shaw.

However, the New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has charged that CAIR is a product of the Islamic Association for Palestine, and other media have accused it of promoting militant Muslim views.

CAIR previously has been funded in part by the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, some of whose former officials recently were convicted for funneling money to terrorist groups.”

(and remember our soldiers were told they’re not permitted to have a personal Bible in their possession…that might FORCE someone to become a Christian…in say, Saudi Arabia or…wherever….)

Why don’t we all plan to thank CAIR with a mass day of FLUSHING!! (ya…that’s the ticket)

Hat tip Free Republic

Looking For Freedom in Battery Park

June 27, 2009….Went to Battery Park looking for a rally that was in Support of the brave Iranian people and not hosted by the Communist Party USA.. Never found them, but found people from all of the world celebrating Lady Liberty and the land of the Free! This is part 1 of what will be two short videos. (It was a beautiful day in Manhattan)

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A Pierre Rehov Film:

THE PATH TO DARKNESS” Is Now In Post Production.

Billions have been invested by Saudi Arabia in US universities in the last years. At the same time, our Western values have been eroded by moral relativism. This leads an entire generation to believe in new mythologies such as: a genocide is perpetrated against Palestinians; Suicide Killers are kamikazes or freedom fighters; Cho, Eric and Dylan, the murderers of Virginia Tech and Columbine, are a typical product of our repressive society; the US Army is an occupation force in Iraq and many other relativist revisions of history leading to the ‘Path to Darkness’.

Pierre Rehov’s latest film The Path To Darkness is currently in post-production. This endeavor has led him to investigate those mythologies and takes us to Japan  to meet with WW2 former kamikazes, to Iraq where he was embedded in the US Armys 4th Cavalry and into Gaza and the West Bank.  For the first time he documents the step-by-step religious brain-washing of a candidate to suicide-terrorism, including the rituals preceding his criminal act and much more. Pierre, also, has  close-encounters with families of suicide-killers and local Imams.

Following the acclaimed “Suicide Killers”, The Path to Darkness will take us for a journey deeper into the mind of terrorists, while debunking the dangerous mythologies propagated among our new generations.



Got this wonderful notice below from the ol’ Sheepdog in West Chester, PA. On June 27, 2009, they had (as usual) another fabulous  display of Support for our Troops.

WCRally6.27.09 019

Patriots All.

WCRally6.27.09 030

Check out their pictures and if you’re in the area: JOIN THEM! Every Saturday Rain or Shine!
Dear Patriots,
Tremendous rally today! One of the best in a long time.  We had 40+ and the anti-victory side had 9.
Several Highlights:
1) All of us had green wristbands on. The group photo and the individual shots look terrific.  I think it will help raise awareness that we stand with those who are repressed because they want freedom.
2) We had 4 Military Moms there, and we always love to see them.
3)  A young Army National Guard Private came by and thanked us for what we were doing, I took his picture and it’s on the blog – you’ll love what his t-shirt says.
4) Our friend Atlas (Pamela Geller) put us on her blog today!  She used our group shot and one with Evie, Mary, and Mary Lou.  Check it out here ( and be sure to read her blog everyday.  She’s the best blogger in the country right now, no one gets the scoops, reports, and videos that she does.  Thank you for plugging us Atlas!!
All in all it was truly a special and uplifting day.  Bright sunshine, mild temperatures, and non-stop honks, smiles, and thumbs up from all the people driving by. Thanks to all of you for making it happen.
Be sure to go to our blog and read my report and see the pictures ( also, check out Skye’s outstanding coverage at her blog Midnight Blue (
To The Troops!
To America!
To Victory!

Emergency: “Tea Party 365” Needs YOU

TeaParty365 Email Header

Tea Party Protest

Take action! NOW. We need your assistance to make the Times Square Tea Party happen on July 1st 6:30-8pm with Stephen Baldwin, Margaret Hoover, Andrew Wilkow, KT McFarland and many others including you the concerned citizens who will be asked to speak.

We need to raise $10,000 to pay for the Tea Party expenses. Our speakers, organizers and volunteers donate their time and talent, but staging, lights and sound are some of our biggest expenses.

Please click below to help us reach our goal of $10,000 by Monday night. Forward this to your friends, families and coworkers and encourage them join us in advocating for fiscal responsibility. It is also their money that is being wasted. This event will rock the nation and let our elected officials know … We are New York.  We are America.  We will be heard – loud and clear.

We need your help today to make this rally happen!

Please Donate Here

With your help this will be a Tea Party to remember! Be a part of a growing movement of great importance to our city, states and nation. This rally will set the tone for months and years to come. Our government must hear our voices on July 1st.

With your help, this will be a Tea Party to remember! Be a part of a growing movement of great importance to our city, states and nation. This rally will set the tone for months and years to come. Our government must hear our voices on July 1st.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, July 1st

Location: Times Square: Intersection of 42nd Street and 7th Ave, please enter at 37th St. and 7th Ave. Volunteers will be there to help direct you.

Time: 6:30-8pm

Notes: NYPD and the city were impressed with our Tax Day Tea Party and are very cooperative. Let’s give our men and women in blue more reasons to respect us.

– Signs on cardboard tubes only. No sticks or PVC tubes or NYPD will ask you to discard and keep the sign only.
– No backpacks, coolers or oversize bags.
– Please do not hang signs on barricades.

We are all in this together and your contribution and participation is crucial. Please visit for continued updates. We are in this together, one by one, town by town and state by state.

Thank you!

– Kellen Giuda, Founder NYC Tea Party, Co-Founder Tea Party 365
– David Webb, Co-Organizer NYC Tea Party, Co-Founder Tea Party 365