Who belongs in our counter-jihad movement? (videos)

  • Who belongs in our country?
  • Is it possible for a Muslim NOT to be warlike’ ?
  • Is it possible for a Muslim to  be devoted to fighting Sharia and Islamic supremacy?
  • How should we handle immigration to secure the safety and well-being of our country, post 9/11?

Is such a Muslim seen as open-minded and non-bigoted; loyal to American ideals? Or will the larger community doubt and mistrust a ‘moderate’Muslim.

Two counter-jihad thinkers and writers of jarringly opposite political persuasions came together to present their points of view.

Part 1 – Presentation

Part 3 (Q and A)

Lawrence Auster is a conservative writer with a particular emphasis on culture and immigration. His influential 1990 booklet, The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism, made the cultural impact of mass non-Western immigration on America a legitimate topic in conservative debate. His other works on immigration include Huddled Clichés and Erasing America.On the Islam question, Mr. Auster has criticized mainstream conservative Islam critics who warn that Islam poses a mortal threat to our civilization but who propose no measures to stop it. He argues that the only way to assure the West’s freedom from Islamic terrorism and jihad is to separate Islam permanently from the West, by stopping and reversing Muslim immigration and containing Islam in the historic Muslim lands. This policy, which he calls Separationism, would mean in effect a return to the situation in effect during the only period since the founding of Islam when the West was safe from Islam, the three hundred years between the defeat of the Ottomans at Vienna in the late 17th century and the onset of mass Muslim immigration into the West in the late 20th century. He argues that instead of trying to spread democracy to the Islamic world, we need to stop the spread of Islam to our world.In February Mr. Auster gave a speech at the inaugural Preserving Western Civilization conference on the topic, “A Real Islam Policy for a Real America.”Mr. Auster is a strong defender of Israel’s right to exist, and has lambasted paleoconservatives for their bigotry against Israel. Auster’s position is that people who support America’s national survival should also support the national survival of other Western nations, including Israel.Mr. Auster maintains an active, one-person website, View from the Right, which according to Intellectual Conservative was among the 75 most read conservative sites in 2007. He has published many articles at FrontPage Magazine and other websites.

Part 2 – Presentation

Part 4- Q and A

Supna Zaidi is editor-in-chief of Muslim World Today http://www.muslimworldtoday.com/ and director of Islamist Watch at the Middle East Forum, http://www.meforum.org/ a project created to resist Islamist attempts to spread Sharia laws in the West. She is also director of the Council of Democracy and Tolerance, http://cfdnt.com/ a progressive Muslim think tank. She has been actively stressing how Islamists are trying to use the U.N. to censor critics of terrorism while it denigrates other religions.

Supna Zaidi is a progressive Muslim involed in anti-Islamist work.  She is the director of Islamist Watch, http://www.islamistwatch.org/, a project at Daniel Pipes‘ Middle East forum, http://www.meforum.org/.  Islamist Watch was created to resist Islamist attempts to spread Sharia laws in the West.  Ms. Ms. Zaidi is also the editor-in-chief of Muslim World Today, http://www.muslimworldtoday.com/, a free thinking journal that supports Israel. She is currently the director of the Council of Democracy and Tolerance, http://cfdnt.com/ and previously worked as an immigration attorney.
Ms. Zaidi believes in the need to distinguish Islam from Islamism and Muslims from Islamists. Islamism is a political movement, which is not compatible with secular democracy, American values or universal human rights.  However, Islam can be practiced as a private faith and, as such, deserves to be protected equally with other faiths in the US.

The Weekly Standard recently published an advertisement from a Muslim Coalition thanking the FBI for severing its ties with CAIR, a group they had warned the FBI about for a long time. The advertisement was Ms. Zaidi’s idea and she was one of its first signatories.

The speakers were hosted by the ACT-Manhattan Chapter http://americancongressfortruth.com/

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  1. Isn’t it interesting how Islam trots out a Pretty Young Thing to tell the West how moderate they are, while in the East they shroud them in burqas and hajibs.

    Has the PYT mentioned “shirk.” That’s the islamic term for “moderate” Muslims, and the root of our “shirker.”

    You won’t find many “shirks” in Islamic countries. They’re all dead in keeping with the blood lust and entertainment value of murder.

    Auster is right. Take a look at to see the ugly face of Islam when their population hits 5% plus.

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