Leftists hold ‘vigil’ outside Israeli Consulate (video)

March 20, 2009 Anti-Zionist Leftists held an anti-Israel ‘vigil’ for an International Solidarity Movement activist ( and former California tree-sitter), Tristan Anderson.

He is the focus of a ‘vigil’ outside Israeli consulate as the Leftists spew lies , lies and more lies…

Oddly, the press seems to hold no interest in this display of anti-Zionism and the public keeps on walking so the Leftists are left to preach to themselves…Possibly…one spark of hope in a weary world…

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One response to “Leftists hold ‘vigil’ outside Israeli Consulate (video)

  1. Ya got a problem with tree sitters, silent m? Well I gotta ansa for you:

    “Rats got rights. Rats is people too.” (Sgt. Mc, Midtown South)

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