Anarchists return to Times Square Recruitment Station

March 20, 2009- A familiar band of Anti-War Leftists were at the Times Square Recruitment Station and they had the usual demands only an anarchist could love. Happily, our Eagles were back  and the anarchists were kept far,FAR away from the recruitment Station  (as video and pictures will reveal) Great fun watching the Leftists  as they preached and shouted to THEMSELVES.

FIRST up…Our Patriots!

Now…The Videos

Part 1-  Debra Sweet of World Cain’t Wait

Heads Up- Elaine Brower and her fellow anarchists don’t believe in allowing any ‘unapproved’ photography on a public street at a public rally so this camera was harassed and blocked.The camera has to keep moving in Parts 2 and 3. And it took the police to stop the harassment since the “Greenhats”the Legal Beagles were observing and permitting their “wards” to break the law…

Part 2- Matthis Chiroux- IVAW

Part 3 – Elaine Brower World Cain’t Wait

From their flyer:

Barack Obama says he will:

  • leave 80,000 troops, thousands of private contractors, and 17 permanent bases in Iraq;
  • send 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan , leading to more killings of civilians;
  • keep sending robot drones over Pakistan, killing more civilians;
  • deploy nuclear carriers with enough firepower to annihilate any country in the Mideast;
  • support the Israeli siege on Gaza;
  • keep in place the “secret rendition” program which Bush used to torture detainees;
  • keep the government spying on citizens and continue Bush’s “state secrets” justification;
  • increase the U.S. military by 92,000 troops, sending more to die for empire;
  • refuse to investigate & prosecute the war and torture crimes of the Bush regime.

The election of the first black president
is effectively re-branding preemptive and illegal wars of aggression to make us feel good about them, enlisting us to “serve and sacrifice” for horrors we have no good reason to support.

The U.S. war on Afghanistan is an unjust war of aggression—the supreme war crime, waged not to bring democracy and liberation to the Afghan people, but to control Afghanistan with the goal of permanent domination of the Middle East.

But, we don’t have to go along! It’s immoral to “wait and see” or hope for the best from Obama.If you care about humanity, get in the streets to send a message to the world that there are millions of us who don’t want these crimes carried out. It’s time now to take action & make our demands visible everywhere.

For more pictures (go here>>)

And for more excrement from the mind-of-Brower:

” The occupation is wrong, and those of us in the anti-war movement have been screaming this at the top of our lungs for the last 6 years, even before the first boots were on the ground in Iraq. Even before the campaign of “shock and awe” even lit up the skies above innocent people. What the hell are we thinking?

Because it isn’t Bush and Cheney, those loathsome characters we so love to hate that isn’t doing this, it’s Ok? That because it isn’t Don Rumsfeld, that warmongering war criminal of a pig, it’s Ok? Because the face of the occupation is now Barack Obama it’s Ok?

Well I have a newsflash, it’s NOT OK! We have in our infinite wisdom killed over 1 million Iraqis, displaced 2 million, destroyed hospitals, mosques, historical sites, homes, agricultural, stolen natural resources, orphaned children, made widows, killed entire families, sent over 4,200 soldiers to their deaths, severely wounded another 50,000, not including those who have PTSD and are committing suicide in record-breaking amounts, and we think we shouldn’t be out in the streets demanding an end to this now? Why is that?

Right now, if this were 1970, thousands upon thousands of people would be marching outside, almost rioting because this war is not over. We went to the polls twice to tell our so called elected representatives that we want an end to this, and they are ignoring their mandate. Wait and see? Why so we can murder more innocent people, build more walls, and kill our own as well. Come on, people, get with the program. Stop fooling around, nothing was ever accomplished worth a damn by hoping for someone to do the work for you.”

Seems  the traitorous Matthis Chiroux  is welcomed in our public schools and colleges to endoctrinate :

Matthis Chiroux

“…in New York City, we are faced with more militarization of our youth. The Department of Education is welcoming the Army into nine NYC public high schools, with more likely to follow. This partnering is disguised as teaching the students “life skills, with students being drilled by soldiers in setting goals.” However, military officials involved in this program state that “the project is not a recruitment tool.” This announcement marks a second step in NYC where the DOE and US military relationship appears to be growing increasingly cozy. Considering the fact that the Mayor has just threatened to lay off 15,000 teachers, we should all be very alarmed at the escalation in military involvement with our youth on all of these fronts.
Those of us who realize the extreme danger of this subversive army mission targeting our youth on a whole new level, must mobilize to stop it. However it is done, we cannot simply hand out opt-out forms at high school events any longer. To counteract the high level of technological lying that is being mastered, our mission should be to rise to the occasion and not allow these new techniques to go unchallenged.There is a program right now that is taking this on. The “We Are Not Your Soldiers” tour in high schools around the Country, is bringing an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran who is against the war as well as a Viet Nam war resister into classes to tell them the truth about why the empire is recruiting them. To let them know that the promise of money for college, or job training is not worth selling your soul to a Country that wants you to kill and be killed for the purpose of power and greed.
It is up to us to speak truth to power, to join together and push back against the military industrial complex before it really becomes too late!”

They can whine all they want but what we saw  was :

The Patriots who  proudly  stood up to these anarchists.

The public was  NOT interested in these traitors.

Perhaps this might be a glimmer of real HOPE on the horizon.

We Must NOT Be Silent.

Let’s start by getting this scum, these hate-America Leftists  OUT of our schools!! Semper Fi!!

Day 1 is posted here>>

To read more  on WHO IS the REAL Matthis Chiroux. Go  here>>

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