Anti-Israel protest returns to the Waldorf-Astoria (video and pictures)

The Anti-Israel Leftists returned to the Waldorf Astoria to protest AGAIN the existence of Israel.

They don’t actually need any reason, but NJSolidarity, Al-Awda NY. JEWS SAY NO! and the Neturei Karta stood outside the Waldorf on St. Paddy’s Day with shouts of “From The River To The Sea”  while the  2009 ANNUAL NEW YORK GALA DINNER OF THE FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES took place inside the Waldorf. One small pleasure was seeing they had a a small turnout. Guess they couldn’t pay any extras to bail on St. Paddy’s day… so…as the pictures and videos will show….the usual die-hards were on hand. (video is in 3 parts)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

This year they were not permitted to blast their obnoxious,tedious rants from in front of the hotel. One little  “perk ‘ … we were able to observe a new ploy, as  the Jews Say No handed out their cards they decided to just plain LIE to the passers-by. They were telling them they were pro-Israel!

and that they had no association with the protesters at the corner of 49th…it did confuse the people who are ignorant about want was going on.


There was even a green kefiya (how cute) to tie in with more fantasies as the ‘palis’ claimed kinship with the Irish who were occupied 800 years ago

EDUCATE! We need to get out there on-the-street and COUNTER these lies.

Speak up. And Do NOT be Silent!

(For more pictures of 2009 protest  go here>>)

For pictures of the 2008 anti-Israel protest at the Waldorf : Go Here

5 responses to “Anti-Israel protest returns to the Waldorf-Astoria (video and pictures)

  1. I wonder if these leftists ever read the Hamas charter?

  2. sure they have- and what you have to realise is many actually agree with it. Others just call it over the top rhetoric which is the result of the isaeli inflicted sufferings of the palestinian peoples.
    Truly vile moral equivalence from people incapable of rational thinking

  3. Peace, is in the hands of the Palestinians, if only they would grasp it.
    A wise man once said:
    To have peace, one must first give it.

  4. I would like somebody to explain to me how Gaza could be under siege by Israel.

    No, it is Israel that is under siege by Gazan animals, sloth and Hamas (all one and the same).


    New Verse News.Com
    by Rochelle Owens. Playwright-Poet

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