President “Hussein” signs Exec Order for a Council on Women and Girls?!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009: a White House “Council on Women & Girls” has been signed in to being  by Executive Fiat.


The new council does not have Cabinet rank, in fact, it’s does not even have  a permanent office with staff devoted full-time to women’s issues but, it’s a council with paid employees for sure! (you think they’d volunteer?)

“… a council designed to ensure that federal agencies pay attention to the way their policies impact women and families. ” Get Real!!

(BTW- TSM found this in Times Square. Maybe the street merchants are on to something…)


What is going on with this guy? “A statement from the White House says the council will work on improving women’s economic security, evaluating and developing public policy that is family-friendly, finding new ways to prevent violence against women, and improving women’s health care.

Hey! You ” Women and girls  out there… You  should  be real nervous about   the government ‘getting in your face’ and ‘helping’ you with… whatever… (and you know what I’m talkin’ about!)

More “Indoctrination U” coming up…that good ol’ Community Organizer takin’ care of business…  and we all know this is  just another ruse  to deflect from the Economic Biz he’s making worse with his Porkulous Bill.


This clown parade is way too real. (It is so NOT funny…)


… and we are sinking FAST.

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