The World According To Barack…(video)

…as it crumbles… Got Hope?

Yes, Barry…we do HOPE you FAIL!

(Excerpt from American Thinker- Welcome to Thunderdome )

The president’s assault on capitalism is being waged with the organization and intensity of a counter-insurgency. It is being waged in Robert Gibbs’ press conferences when he publicly decries individuals, like CNBC’s Rick Santelli, who advocate resistance to government subsidization of people’s mortgages, an action Larry Kudlow described as Nixonesque.  It is being waged in President Obama’s recovery act that calls for an additional 600,000 government jobs, an unprecedented expansions of the State. The assault is taking place in the media when stories focus on golden parachutes and the inner workings of private companies in which we would have never have had a stake in had President Obama – and President Bush before him – not forced us down the path of Socialism.  It is being waged when the current president passes a Recovery and Reinvestment Act that is filled to the brim with the pork he promised to eliminate.  It is waged when, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, President Obama masquerades as a nuanced unifier devoid of petty ideological pretensions.

But capitalism knows better. As the markets continue to tumble, it becomes clear that the only way to defang the administration’s statist desire is to count on their continued failure.  The free-market system can see the cliff approaching, and it isn’t blinking; it has decided to assert itself and show the president that all his charm and vacuous platitudes play no bearing on the math of the crisis we’re in.  Our path is simply un-maintainable.  In response to the president’s reckless plans, the market continues to plunge itself further into the abyss.  And why should it stop?  What do we have to look forward to if the president is not stopped by economic reality?

America has been successful because of capitalism, because of the actions of people like Ronald Reagan who, in the face of a recession worse than this, chose to cut taxes across the board creating 16 million jobs over the course of 7 years.  The crisis we’re in now was caused by excessive government intervention in the housing market to begin with – government is the problem, not the solution.  But what do you expect from a community organizer who made a living promoting the culture of victimhood and decrying the flaws of capitalism.  President Obama’s past work experience certainly explains his cabinet and its lack of CEOs.  According to Politico, “There are no former CEOs in the Obama Cabinet, and among the people who make up his daily inner circle, there is only a dollop or two of top-level private sector experience”.

No one in the present administration has run a business and it’s painfully obvious. How else could the president possibly think he can spend the amount he’s proposed, cut taxes, and slash the budget in half by 2012?  It’s absurd.  One thing that the Obama administration can count on is if capitalism is to be destroyed, it will take the present administration down with it.

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