CPAC 2009 and Conservatism 2.0 sponsored by PJTV

Day 1- Feb 26, 2009

Activists, bloggers, students…discuss new media strategies at Conservative Political Action Conference at the Omni-Shoreham in Washington, DC. This event started a bit slow as we had to sit through a 30 minute re-run of a previous PJTV show. (while we ate our free box-lunch) Some got impatient and left, but waiting was worth it. The panels and speakers were interesting and full of energy (it was the first day, after all).

Then the audience had a chance to speak to their own personal journeys as conservatives. One ex-Democrat and proud Lesbian got a round of applause when she  shared how she had seen the LOGIC of the Conservative message . Facts…they are a powerful communicator…

Deroy Murdock from National Review

Evan Maloney from “Indoctrinate U” and Joe The Pumber

To see more pictures go here>>

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