CPAC 2009- Pictures from Exhibit Hall

UPDATE: 2014 – LINKS for pictures were lost when Webshots ceased to exist. Will attempt to get some links re-posted below

This annual conference for conservative activists was sponsored by the American Conservative Union, Young America’s Foundation, and Human Events the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at Omni Shoreham in DC. where it was reported 9000 conservatives attended the three day event. These are some of the posters and booths that were in the Exhibit Hall.

Link to flickr slide show from 2009

The Muslims For America were participants. TSM asks, “Was this organization  there to be inclusive or abusive of the good-will intended amongst fellow conservatives?”

Their behavior at the Geert Wilders viewing Friday evening by the same young men who  earlier in the day said they were “happy Americans” made that statement highly suspect since their oh-so-friendly demeanor turned surly when they attended the viewing of Fitna. Such behavior made the Muslims For America appear to be at the wrong conference (ya think?).

Their flyers were also critical of other CPAC participants (see flyers and pictures from Muslims in America at previous post here>>) Does this represent the purpose of CPAC?


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