See JAY-Z’s racist video:Is this the Change we’ve been waiting for?

Jay-Z – My President Is Black REMIX LIVE HQ

The video of the very well-known and “respected” rappers denouncing the white race reveals what we all knew—this is the worst thing that could happen to America.  Barack Obama has yet to respond. And we can bet the farm, he WON’T

Rev Wright, victocrat-Jesse J…’The Rev” Al…Racisim is smeared all over of this ‘accidental’ prez. He’s major car-wreck for the country.Take a GOOD look at what this ‘inaugural’ ditty has to say:

Here are their lyrics:

(Thanks to the Post-Chronicle)

My President is black my Maybach too and I’ll be goddamned if my diamonds ain’t blue. My money’s light green and my Porsche is light grey. I’m going to DC anybody Feel Meh! My president is black in fact he’s half white, so even in a racist mind he’s half right And if you got a racist mind it’s alright… My President is black but his house is all White….Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther Could walk, Martin Luther walked so Obama could run, Barrack Obama ran so all the children could fly, So imma spread my wings you could meet me in Da sky!!! I already got my own clothes already got my own shoes, I was hot Before Barrack imagine what I’m gonna do…Hello Ms. America, hey Pretty Lady.. Red, White, and Blue Flag Wave For Me Baby Neva thought I’d Say this shit baby I’m good You can keep ya Puss, I don’t want no more BUSH! No More War, No More Iraq! No More White LIES, My President is BLACK!

And this is just the beginning. Next on their plate: The Imperial Presidency. No more two-term limits. Are you scared? If not. You should be….

One response to “See JAY-Z’s racist video:Is this the Change we’ve been waiting for?

  1. Jay Z Racist ?

    You’ve probably read that Jay Z done very well at the Brits this week, and has just taken over Elvis as the most number one albums 10 in a row , and Married to one of the most talented and beautiful women in the world Beyonce , seems like the man has everything going for him…..

    Then we have the after party, Reportedly No white people allowed????
    I have just watched Jonathan Ross show and Mr Jay Z was a guest and at the start of the interview, Mr Jay Z very carefully placed a pair of sunglass on the desk, Jonathan pick up sunglasses much to the disgust of Mr Jay Z and put them on, a few seconds later him put them back, and got on with the interview, no mention of the after party, very surprising as this would be a big deal big star and the after party, spoke about a party he had back in December, you would have thought he would have mentioned it as in the morning of the recording of the show it was in all the papers, back to the sunglasses at the end of the interview Mr Jay Z gets up to sing a track from the new album and went to walk to the stage Jonathan hands him his glasses as he was going to need them the words from Jonathan Ross and Mr Jay Z indicated yes But they was not worn was this because the Nasty white man had put them on a little earlier??? Is this the actions of a Racist?.

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