Colin Powell at WSJ- Hurl Alert!

The Great and Wonderful Colin P has spoken! …Like…we’re gonna HOP to this

drummer after 8 years of BDS? An offensive request from a despicable man:

Let’s Renew America Together

Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve.

“Barack Obama is asking us to join him on Monday in making a renewed
and enduring commitment to enriching the lives of others. If we answer that
call, I have every confidence that we as a people will ignite a new national
sense of purpose necessary to meet the great need of this hour”.

TSM responds: Tax it til it’s dead and then tax it again…that’s gonna enrich some of the people…some of the time…those chosen few…the big ponzi-scheme-in-the- sky: It’s time has come! (now what are WE gonna do about it)

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