Awareness Campaign on Terrorism during Obama Parade on Jan 20th at DC.

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Groups from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia have planned an “Awareness Campaign Against Terrorism” under the banner of Coalition for Peace, in Washington, D.C. during the inaugural ceremony of President Barack Obama, from 12:00 noon to 04:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

More than one million people are expected to participate in the Celebration. We will carry banners urging/requesting  President Barack Obama to declare Pakistan a Terrorist Sate; stop Iran from producing Atom Bomb; stop Saudi Arabia from funding terrorism; stop Pakistan’s double game with USA; stop Hamas and Hezbollah rocket attacks into Israel; seize Saudi Arabian assets for crimes against humanity; stop repeat of Mumbai terror attack anywhere in the world; denuclearize Pakistan and Iran.

Since Radical Islam has assumed an alarmingly dangerous worldwide proportion, it is absolutely essential that U.S.A, the only Super Power of the world, under the Presidentship of Barack Obama take firm action on those who support terrorism in the name of the extreme idealogies.  US, Israel and India should work together to defeat the axis of radical islam i.e., Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists as well as moderate Muslims who do not subcribe to radical Islam need to come together to face this evil.

In last 10 years India faced brutal terrorism in the form of 60,000 terror incidents that killed about 18,000 people, mostly due to radical Islam. Pakistan ISI in coordination with Bangla Desh Security agencies are (with blessings of Osama Bin Laden)  in process of carving out northern portion of India to create Mughalstan, a contiguous area from Pakistan to Bangla Desh.  Part of this process is the 350,000 Kashmiri Hindus who were driven out from their homes by Pakistan supported Kashmiri separatists and are living as refugees in their own country for last 18 years in squalid camps.  In Pakistan itself, 25% of minorities, primarily Hindus were reduced to less than 1% in just last 60 years.  Similarly, in Bangla Desh from 30% to about 7%.  In both countries, minorities were terrorized, raped, mutilated and their children and property taken away from them.

Israel was hit with more than 10,000 rockets in the last 10 years.   In spite of withdrawing from Gaza, it faces a continued threatening situation by rockets from Hamas. Iran on the other hand openly declared to wipe out Israel and is busy building nuclear weapon and supporting Hezbollah and Hamas militants.  Israeli citizens are targeted in many parts of the world by radical islamists.  There is growing concern that nuclear Pakistan will inevitably assist other radical Islamic countries to become nuclear.   It declared that it will do first nuclear strike if India goes on war against it in response to continued Pakistan supported terrorism.

Saudis are biggest funders of terrorism.  With one billion dollar oil revenue per day, they are spreading hatred in young Muslim minds through Madrassas and adult Muslims in Mosques with their intolerant version of Islam.   Pakistan nuclear program was funded by Saudis.   Most of the perpetrators of 9/11 are educated Saudi citizens.  Saudi children are taught to hate other religions from pre-school.     Increasingly, Saudis are islamizing the West with  sanitized versions of Islam in Universities and Media.  The cash starved Western institutions are falling easy prey to cash rich Saudis who has potential to buy most major corporations in the West and set the agenda to radical islamize the west in just few decades.

While the world sees it as a problem between Israel and Gaza, Pakistan and India, the larger sight of radical islam and its ambitions to radical islamize the whole world is lost on politically correct media and multicultural apologists, who are perhaps as dangerous as terrorists, if not more. These apologists trumpet perceived discrimination of Muslims in troubled areas, but little do they question the  brutal treatment of minorities in Islamic countries, fueled by radical islamists.  Nor do they care to comprehend the brutal record of radical islam which in the last 1400 years killed 270 million people, of which are 120 million Africans, 60 million Christians, 80 million Hindus and 10 million Buddhists and the current battles are a continuous ongoing jihad against non-believers.

As Act for America pointed out, far too many of the “leaders” and”elites” of the West simply fail to understand or refuse to acknowledge the unbridgeable chasm between the worldview of the West and the Worldview of the (radical) islamists, that harbors ambitions to enforce brutal medieval Islamic injuctions (including crucifixon, as in the case of Hamas in Palestine) on the whole world.

What Israel and India consisting of oldest civilizations and surrounded by radical Islamic countries are facing is a best example of the future that awaits rest of the free world.   Unless the free world  come together,  we face a very dangerous situation.

We believe that this is an appropriate occasion to draw the attention of powerful media covering this momentous celebration, to the menace of radical Islamic terrorism.  Only by coordinated action by various groups consisting of Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists as well as Muslims who do not subscribe to radical islam and through sustained activism can we hope to counter the threat of radical Islam.

Hence, we will appreciate it very much if you could kindly join us in this Celebration.  Accommodation is provided.  People within 5 or 6 hour drivable distance can go to DC on  Jan 19th night.

Please call any of the undersigned if you have any questions.

Raju Patel

(732) 319-7778

Narain Kataria                                      (718) 478-5735

Arish Sahani

(718) 271-0453

Parveen Sharma

(718) 227-0241

Sarang Rastogi

(732) 213-7281

Rajendra Sherikar

(732) 513-0162

Arun Joshi

(732) 549-1318

Shivram Sitaram

(301) 515-8504

Jayesh Patel

(732) 688-2658

Mahindra Sapa

(301) 549-4145

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