Atlas Shrugs and Robert Spencer: Violence on streets and stealth jihad

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are talking to YOU America! They had a lot to cram in ten minutes but some important points stood out.

From Robert: “Five years ago, who would have believed we would hear calls for genocide (death for all Jews) on the street of America?”

TSM: Well we have.  We are!  And “They…the Islamic-Terrorists and their soc/commie/leftard (HATE America) enablers are “…pushing-that-envelope as far as they can” (says Robert)

Pamela and Robert warn : “We will be seeing violence on the streets of America.”

We at The Silent Majority  and have been out there …on the streets of Manhattan …covering these  relentless hate- rallies.  We do this  so  America will see what these hateful DEATH-mongers are  really preaching. (After all, the press makes a living white-washing what little they report.)

We  are so honored to see our “Death to all Juice” picture ( as well as other pictures we took in the past two weeks ) be able to aid Robert and Pamela in this  important video : Call-to Action!

Doing our Part!! Are you?!!

Watch Pamela and Robert:

What are we going to do next America to stop this madness?

Re-Claim America before it’s too late!

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