anti-Jewish graffiti in NY Theatre district after hate-Israel protest

Bombay was a wake-up call to the world as loud and as tragic as 9-11 . Attacks against Jews, Israelis and Americans across the world grows more frequent as muslims rage against the free-world.

Shouts of go “back to the ovens” in Florida, the vile misuse of the terms genocide and holocaust shouted over and over at their hate-Israel rallies;  this muslim hatred is exploding and growing more dangerous even now in the US while these 7th century tyrants take no responsibilty for their self-made horrors in places like Gaza. And the outrage of calling Israeli’s Nazis should never have been allowed to become the new mantra of these 21st Century anti-semites.

Yet, the press records only their  twisted lies. The press supports these murderers in their crimes of race-hatred against the Jews  and the free-world  but  doe not  report the real terror: Islam.

After the hate-Israel rally in mid-town Manhattan young muslims were seen hanging out of cars waving kefiyahs and ‘pali’ flags; telling American citizens “This is our country now, get of here ”.  A couple was assaulted for carrying  a small Israeli flag and our police were injured by out-of-control ‘palis’.

After the hate-Israel rally in Manhattan, even the theatre district became a target of their hatred. This threat,  ” F*CK  Israel” ,was found written outside a theatre in mid-town (obviously too Jewish for someone passing by)

Would this go unnoticed if it had been a muslim play?



We must STOP this imported,  home-grown terror from destroying our country or we will soon see riots in the streets of America.

They’re here and they must be stopped. Not tomorrow. NOW.

Houston, we have a problem.

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