BHO is now a FEMINIST (see picture)

2009winter_obamaposterSeems the folks over at Hillary or Bust (whatever) are going to organize a BOYCOTT of Ms!!

“Well, we are officially living in the United States of Bizarroland. In a year in which we should by all rights be inaugurating our first woman president, Ms. magazine, which used to be the go-to mag for all things feminist, has turned into a fawning teen rag ala Tiger Beat. With an inaugural issue featuring Barack Obama as the feminist Superman (oh, the irony), Ms. has officially lost any clout as the magazine for thinking feminists. It is clear, from this cover, that the backlash predicted by Susan Faludi so many years ago has done its work. Now women who call themselves feminists can’t even see the irony in honoring the male candidate that beat the woman candidate for president through blatant voter fraud and massive sexism.

For those of us real feminists, 2008 was a horrific year in which the best and brightest women politicians in America were smeared and laughed at, while a junior senator with little experience and hardly any real accomplishments to his name sailed through to the presidency thanks to a fawning media, when by all rights he should have been Hillary’s VP.”

Article continues here>>

We at STM are surprised anyone is still holding out HOPES for the Hildebeast!

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