PeaceRally09 – Detroit Supports Israel!(video)

On Thursday, a crowd protested in Detroit, one side in support of Israel, the other in support of the Palestinians. FOX 2’s Ron Savage has more from downtown— VIDEO FOX NEWS : DETROIT

Fox News Transcipt:

The pro Israel movement was right here. The pro Israel rally was right here. They pulled their permit first. They left about 10 minutes ago. I have’ em on tape but I want to show you what’s happening live.

This is the Pro- Palestinian movement. Now, The Palestinians are on Michigan Avenue. This is not what Detroit police wanted. They did allow them to have a permit, the Palestinians, to protest here on the sidewalk in front of the Federal Building, but now, as the Israelis left, the Palestinians are marching down Michigan Avenue.

Here are some comments we got from the rally just a little while ago.

1st Pro-Palestinian: Israel should not exist. It is a terrorist state and it’s, it’s killing our people. It’s staving them.

Ron Savage: Where should Israel go then? They should not be allowed to exist?

Answer: The Jews have always lived as minorities and always have made peace with people

2nd pro-Palestinian: Majority, majority of them are from Europe. They need to go back to Europe. They need to stop occupating Palestine. They killed 725 people. How many did we kill? Five.

Reporter Savage to pro Israel supporter: What’s your message today for our viewers?

Pro-Israel supporter: Well, we’re out here to thank US government for their continuing support of Israel and its right to defend itself. We’re calling ourselves Peace Rally 09 and we’d like to remind everybody that for years now Israel has been going out of its way for peace , making all kinds of concessions and it’s very difficult to deal with people who only want your destruction.

Ron Savage: You’re back live. This is America. You can legally demonstrate, especially when you pull a permit. And I think what’s happening now. The Israelis have left. The Palestinians are marching down Michigan Avenue. It appears to me, just by hunch. That Detroit Police are letting them go for a few blocks. There are a lot of police around. We must congratulate everybody here. This entire event was peaceful. Both the Israelis and Palestinians, the police involved, everything was peaceful. It looks like its wrapping up right now with a march by the Palestinians down Michigan Avenue.

We’re live downtown in front of the Federal Building. Ron Savage, Fox 2 news.

Report from the Pro-Israel  organizers:

“…it was worth all the time invested in organizing and planning just for this 1-minute story. It really says it all. The pro-Palestinians/pro-Hamas spokesmen call for Israel’s destruction (although curiously, the first speaker declares that Jews have always made peace with people) and our NEW GOODWILL AMBASSADOR AND MINISTER OF INFORMATION FOR ISRAEL IN DETROIT, DAVID ROTT, articulately makes a winning case for Israel and strong American-Israel ties. [snip]

Our pro-Israel rally yesterday(1-08-09) in front of the Federal Building downtown…so proud of all of you who participated and all who lent their support. It’s heartening to know that there is a hardy corps of proud Zionists and proud Americans willing to step outside their comfort zone to demonstrate publicly visible,outfront solidarity withIsrael. Kudos to all for comporting yourselves so well and acting in so dignified a manner, made all the more apparent when compared to the hateful rhetoric, signage and behavior of the Hamas supporters.

The stark contrast was captured by Fox 2 News reporter Ron Savage in his 6 PM coverage of the rally. Also, check out Debbie Schlussel’s blog a link to the story and synopsis of the event.


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