Rallies in Philadelphia this week to support Israel



There will be two rallies in the Philadelphia area this week to show support for our brothers and sisters in Israel and the Israeli soldiers who are defending them against Palestinian-Arab terrorism and missile fire.

The first will take place on Thursday at noon at Love Park in Center City Philadelphia (16th St. and John F. Kennedy Blvd.). Philadelphia ZOA is a partner in this event.

The second rally will take place Saturday evening at 6:15 p.m. at Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Old York Road and Township Line Road in Elkins Park.

Please let your friends and neighbors know about these events and urge them to attend – especially those who work in Center City.

Hanukkah cookies
“Proclaim this to the nations…..”
Joel 3:9
Proclaiming Justice to The Nations holds Rally to Promote End of Islamofacism and Terrorist group Hamas’ Control in Gaza

There will be a rally held at the Tennessee Legislative Plaza in Downtown Nashville this Sunday, January 11th from 3-5pm.

Pro-Palestinian groups are continuing to mobilize demonstrations around the U.S. that are going unchallenged by the Christian and Jewish communities.

PJTN’s mission at this rally is:

TO call our community to prayer.

TO call for an immediate cessation of the terror organization Hamas, and all of their activities including bombings.

To call on the immediate cessation of using women and children as human shields.  To stop using schools, hospitals, universities, and government buildings to launch their reign of terror on innocent civilians, and using charity to hide their hideous ideology.

TO call on people of conscience to condemn Hamas and their supporters as they watched over 6000 bombs reign down on civilians in Israel.

TO call on our government to help the Palestinians who want peace, to find a non-terror sponsor to represent their people.

TO thank Israel for their continued humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian victims of Hamas terrorism.

TO remind Israeli’s and the Jewish community worldwide, of the State of  Tennessee’s unwavering commitment to stand with them in their war on terror.

WHERE:  Tennessee Legislative Plaza on Charlotte Avenue and Deaderick Street Downtown.

WHEN:  January 11th, 2009
3-5pm CST

For more information, please contact Laurie Cardoza-Moore, President of PJTN at 615.778.0202

Please bring:

Israeli and U.S. Flags

Placards stating:

Israel sends Humanitarian Aid.
Hamas sends missiles.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem….

Israel YES.
Hamas and terror NO.

Tennessee Loves Israel.

Tennesseans for Israel.

Nashville Loves Israel.

America Loves Israel.

Where were you when Hamas missiles were reigning down on Jews?

Stop Hamas and their 6,000 missiles against the Jewish State.

Peace = no bombing Jews too.

Where was the outcry for peace from the Muslim community over the last 2 1/2 years?

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